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Not-for-Profit & Charities

Not-for-Profit & Charities

Trusted advisors helping Not-for-Profit organizations of all sizes meet their operational needs

Trusted advisors helping Not-for-Profit organizations meet their operational needs

We appreciate that the not-for-profit & charities sector has unique operational needs. From fundraising and revenue generation to budgeting and governance, organizations are constantly seeking the most efficient ways to manage resources while helping to ensure transparency and accountability to the public, regulatory bodies and the members or founders that support them.

KPMG in Canada serves organizations from every segment within the not-for-profit and charities sector. We have extensive experience assisting organizations of various sizes, including some of the largest not-for-profits and charities – including educational institutions, hospitals, membership organizations, associations and foundations – across the country to help meet their financial management, reporting and governance needs.