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KPMG Family Office

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Who we are

KPMG Family Office is a team of dedicated professionals who provide independent and objective advice on all aspects of wealth, including financial, business and personal, as clients navigate life changes, reach milestones and face moments of transition.

Backed by the strength of KPMG’s 150-year heritage, we build deep-rooted relationships based on trust, integrity, and shared commitment. Our approach recognizes that every individual and family is unique, and our team across Canada and globally offers personalized advice for every stage of their lives.

How we can help

We bring together KPMG’s deep experience in eight key areas: tax strategy; legal, estate, trusts and wills; dynamics and governance; wealth and investment strategy; deal advisory; philanthropy and impact; risk management; and accounting, reporting and administration.

Our team works closely with you and your family to define and achieve your evolving objectives, and our solutions are tailored to your family’s needs. We can operate as a full-service family office, help build a customized family office, support an existing family office, or provide specialized individual services.

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What sets us apart

A truly integrated approach is our differentiator. We bring a range of services under one roof, ensuring that all moving parts of our clients’ wealth are aligned. With KPMG’s rich history, we have many decades of experience creating blueprints for families’ continued success.

Our diverse perspectives and collaborative approach make a world of difference for the many individuals and families we work with, giving them clarity, stability and peace of mind for today and for the future.

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How can we work with you?
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Meet your team

Our team provides independent and objective advice on all aspects of wealth, so you can continue on your success journey and thrive for generations to come.

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Yannick Archambault

Partner, National Family Office Leader, KPMG Enterprise
Yannick brings 30 years of multifaceted experience with High-Net-Worth (HNW) and Ultra-High-Net-Worth (UHNW) individuals and families, family businesses, single-family offices (SFO) and multi-family offices (MFO). His bespoke advice and coordinated approach to service is entirely client centric. He is committed to a deep understanding of his clients’ aspirations and challenges to ensure a holistic, integrated approach to deliver better outcomes.
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Dan Adams

Atlantic Canada Enterprise Leader, Halifax
Dan has served private company and family enterprise clients and their communities for more than 20 years. He provides audit, tax and business advisory services for private companies and takes pride in his client-focused approach.
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Steven Carreiro

Tax Partner, KPMG Enterprise, GVA
With over 23 years of experience, Steve works exclusively with private businesses addressing their financial, tax, business and compliance issues. Steve advises many large private corporations and their shareholders on a broad range of taxation and business matters including corporate reorganizations, business and financing structures, disposition and acquisition transactions, estate and succession planning and employee/shareholder compensation.
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Éric Favreau

Executive Director, Corporate Finance & Family Office, Quebec
Éric leads the KPMG Family Office practice in Quebec. Éric has over 30 years of experience in corporate finance, private equity, venture capital, and mergers & acquisitions. During his career, Éric advised entrepreneurs on corporate, estate and tax planning issues. Previously, Éric was CFO of various publicly traded, venture backed and private companies in the manufacturing, technology and entertainment sectors.
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Helena Gagne

Executive Director, KPMG Enterprise, Family Office, Quebec
With experience in corporate tax planning and estate and personal planning, Helena advises clients on the development and implementation of tax optimization strategies and structures that allow the accumulation and transfer of wealth. Helena has also taught law courses at the Master of Laws (Taxation) at HEC Montréal and she regularly gives lectures on the topics of tax and estate planning and trust law.
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Deborah MacPherson

Tax Partner, KPMG Enterprise, Edmonton
Deb has been a partner for over 19 years and has extensive experience serving a wide range of growing public and private companies. She has assisted clients with innovative solutions to Canadian taxation challenges including acquisition and divestiture planning, tax-effective reorganizations, business combinations, holding company strategies, multi-jurisdictional tax strategies and remuneration plans.
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Lorne Shillinger

Tax Partner, Family Office Leader, GTA
Lorne is a Senior Tax Partner with over 34 years of experience. Lorne advises on complex taxation issues associated with effective structuring of domestic and international real estate operations, tax-advantaged real estate acquisitions, disposition and financing strategies, reorganizations, IPOs and has extensive experience advising entrepreneurial clients and family offices on shareholder, succession, charity, trust and estate planning.
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Scott Olsson

Partner, Family Office Leader, Calgary
Scott has been with KPMG for over 18 years and has worked with a wide variety of both private and public companies during this time. He specializes in audit, review and business advisory services for a wide range of clients, primarily focusing on privately owned businesses operating in the technology and energy services sectors.
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Dave Adams

Partner, Office Managing Partner, Vernon
A recognized tax specialist with over 25 years of experience, Dave is the Partner in charge of KPMG’s Tax practice in Vernon. Dave’s primary focus is tax and advisory services for private business families, their companies and their shareholders. He has extensive experience advising clients on acquisitions and divestures, effective structuring of their operations, compensation strategies, and estate and succession planning.
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Richa Arora

Family Advisor, Family Office, GTA
Richa helps affluent families align their core values and purpose with their business strategy, family governance and legacy planning. She brings over 18 years of diverse global experience to the Family Office team. As a Family Office advisor, Richa serves as a primary relationship link between family office clients, internal and external subject matter experts, and financial institutional partners.
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Tanzeela Ayub

Tax Partner, Global Mobility Services, GTA
With over 14 years of experience, Tanzeela is a partner in our Private Client Cross Border Tax practice servicing private clients with a focus on high-net worth individuals and family offices. She assists clients in navigating the US anti-deferral tax system for interest in foreign corporations, including the passive foreign investment corporation and controlled foreign corporation regimes.
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Ed Bartucci

Partner, KPMG Enterprise, GTA
Ed has specialized in taxation matters since 1980 and has assisted many entrepreneurs and business families in arranging their business affairs to lower both personal and corporate taxation. In addition, Ed has provided assistance with family business succession matters. Ed has been with KPMG for over 38 years advising private owners in various areas of family governance and business succession.
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Stéphanie Caron

Tax Senior Manager, Enterprise, Calgary
Stéphanie is a trusted Family Enterprise Advisor™ for enterprising families and business owners by supporting the continuity and structuring of their operations, accounting requirements and tax planning with tactical short and long-term solutions. She works with families to understand their goals beyond their tax needs such as long-term plans for wealth, governance and future legacy.
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Carlo Ciaramitaro

Tax Partner, Enterprise, Waterloo
Carlo is the Partner-In-Charge of the Waterloo Canadian tax practice. He works with owners, entrepreneurs and stakeholders of privately-held companies to provide a range of innovative advice with respect to Canadian tax challenges including compensation planning, tax efficient structures, estate/family tax planning, and acquisitions and divestitures.
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Simon Chen

Tax Partner, KPMG Enterprise, Vancouver
Simon is a Partner in the KPMG’s Vancouver office, and a key member of our Asia Pacific practice in Canada, specializing in Merger & Acquisition. His experience includes advising high-net-worth individuals with cross-border personal and business tax issues, and real estate transactions in Canada and Asia. Simon is proficient in Mandarin and Cantonese.
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John Fabbro

Tax Partner, KPMG Enterprise, GTA
John is a Tax Partner in KPMG’s GTA Enterprise practice with 25 years of experience providing tax services to private companies and owners in a number of sectors. John helps business families deal with succession through estate planning, including the use of life insurance, donation planning and the effective use of private foundations.
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Mary Jo Fedy

Partner, National Enterprise Leader, KPMG Enterprise
Mary Jo brings over 35 years of experience serving private companies and owner-managed businesses. She provides her clients with proactive and custom solutions including financing, budgeting, strategic planning, attestation services, tax planning and tax compliance. In addition to volunteering within the community, Mary Jo is a KPMG Enterprise business adviser and serves as a KPMG in Canada Board of Director member.
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Carla Figliomeni

Partner, Estates and Trusts, KPMG Law LLP, GTA
Carla specializes in trusts and estates and personal tax planning. Carla helps Family Office clients to develop and implement cohesive tax and estate plans that reflect their financial objectives and their short and long-term goals. Carla’s practice encompasses domestic and cross-border estate planning, including Canada-US planning and planning involving common law and civil law jurisdictions and forced heirship regimes.
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Ana-Luiza Georgescu

Tax Partner, Enterprise, GTATax Partner, Enterprise, GTA
Ana-Luiza has over 20 years of experience advising multi-nationals and private equity clients, corporate boards and compensation committees on global mobility and executive compensation issues. She focuses on executive reward and incentive programs and tax compensation strategies.
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Arundel Gibson

Family Advisor, Philanthropy, GTA
Arundel brings over 20 years of diverse experience as a result of leadership roles in the not for profit sector and corporate environments. Supporting families to define and articulate their philanthropic ambition, Arundel provides insight to help demonstrate long-term social and environmental impact. Whether their philanthropic focus is strategy, governance, operations or evaluation, Arundel’s experience combined with the KPMG Family Office network of professionals provides families with an integrated solution.
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Dino Infanti

Partner, Enterprise Tax National Leader
With over 15 years of experience, Dino is well known for his insights and guidance on tax technical work in estate and succession planning, corporate restructuring, tax mitigation strategies and divestitures. Dino specializes in owner-managed enterprises primarily in the construction, real estate development, and holdings sectors, in addition to the entertainment sector.
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Jonathan Kallner

Canadian Managing Partner, Clients and Markets
Jonathan brings over 30 years of experience serving private clients and families in the retail, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, life sciences and technology industries. Jonathan specializes in private financings, public offerings, and US and Canadian public reporting. He works with families, Boards and shareholders to address strategy, risk, planning and corporate governance issues.
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Todd MacIntosh

Managing Partner, Enterprise, Moncton
For over 20 years, Todd has provided business and tax advice to privately owned businesses in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. He has significant experience in the areas of corporate reorganizations, business succession planning, estate planning, corporate and personal tax compliance, structuring acquisitions and tax efficient divestitures and general tax consulting.
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Pat Madden

Vice President, KPMG Enterprise, Hamilton
Pat brings over 30 years of experience strengthening family businesses by collaborating with tax, audit and advisory colleagues to bring holistic solutions to private companies and owners. Pat is also KPMG’s national co-champion for the QuantumShift and FamilyShift education programs.
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Kate Marples

Partner, Estates and Trusts, KPMG Law LLP, GVA
Kate has over 15 years of experience in tax-focused estate and trust planning. She advises Family Office clients on tax, estate and trust issues and works closely with clients to design and implement comprehensive estate and trust plans built around their specific family circumstances while focusing on their financial and tax-driven goals.
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Marie-Josée Michaud

Tax Partner, Enterprise, KPMG Law LLP, Montreal
Marie-Josée has been a member of the Quebec Bar since 2003 and is a partner in the Montréal office of KPMG LLP. Prior to joining KPMG in 2008, she worked in litigation for over 4 years. She provides tax consultation services to clients, including tax issues, structure reorganization, tax dispute resolution and preparing and overseeing compliance requirements.
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Celeste Moutinho Magalhaes

Associate, Family Office, Hamilton
Celeste is an experienced Family Office professional and assists clients with managing their life administration needs by onboarding clients, as well as managing the day to day needs of clients. She also liaises with relationship managers to ensure accurate and up to date reporting.
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Perry Muhlbier

Family Enterprise Advisor, KPMG Enterprise, GTA
Perry is an experienced advisor to family businesses helping family members assess their readiness for the succession process and navigate through transition issues. Perry facilitates the development of tailored governance structures and management and ownership transition plans.
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Nicole Osolinsky

Tax Partner, KPMG Enterprise, Edmonton
Nicole has over 25 years of experience working with private companies and their enterprising families, specifically in the areas of corporate reorganization, divestitures, and estate planning. She also works with high net worth individuals and her enterprise family clients to understand their goals beyond their tax needs including their long term plans for wealth, governance and future legacy.
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Ryan Palmer

Tax Senior Manager, Enterprise, Winnipeg
Ryan is an experienced tax senior manager with 12 years providing tax planning, compliance, and reorganization services to Canadian and foreign-owned corporations, estates & trusts, partnerships, government, and not-for-profit clients. Ryan has presented extensively on many topics of interest to KPMG clients and the public. Ryan is active in his community and serves on several boards.
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Michael Pereira

Tax Partner, Global Mobility Services, GTA
Michael joined KPMG in 1994 and is a partner in the Global Mobility Services practice. His focus is on servicing high-net worth individuals and senior executives with complex US and Canadian tax issues. In addition to income tax planning and compliance, he provides estate and trust planning for US citizens living outside the US.
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Pam Prior

Tax Partner, KPMG Enterprise, GVA
For over 35 years with KPMG as a Tax Partner in Vancouver, Pam has focused on advising privately held businesses and their shareholders on a wide variety of issues including corporate and personal tax planning and compliance. She also has experience with estate and will planning including the creation of family trusts and the 21 year deemed disposition rule.
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Gregory Sanders

Partner, Estates and Trust, KPMG Law LLP, Ottawa
Gregory has over 30 years of experience in private client tax law with extensive knowledge in all key tax related areas for businesses and individuals looking to enhance and preserve their net worth, including tax and estate planning, tax dispute resolution, Canada-US planning and international tax. He also assists not-for-profit entities/charities in ensuring their compliance with corporate and tax laws.
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Bridget Sachs

Senior Manager, Family Office, Montreal
Bridget has over 25 years of experience working with owner-managed businesses and their family members. She began her career in the financial services industry and moving onto creating and managing a Single Family Office. She oversees the bookkeeping, reporting and administrative services for Family Office clients in Quebec, ensuring compliance in personal and corporate tax matters.
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Chris Sexton

Partner, Family Office, Enterprise, M&A Tax, GTA
Chris is a Senior Tax Partner in KPMG’s GTA Enterprise Tax practice. He has over 25 years of experience providing tax advisory services to high-net worth families, private and public corporate clients. He is experienced with Canadian tax matters including income tax planning, trust and estate tax planning, shareholder agreements, public markets transactions, corporate reorganizations, and divestitures.
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Alaina Spec

Partner, Estates and Trusts, KPMG Law LLP, Ottawa
Alaina is an experienced corporate lawyer with an advanced background in tax who practices extensively in estate planning and estate administration services. With a special interest in complex corporate and mixed business groups, Alaina advises her clients on corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, re-organizations, professional incorporations (e.g. medical), cost sharing associations and succession planning.
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Sarah Tkachuk

Tax Partner, KPMG Enterprise, Regina
Sarah specializes in helping family businesses and entrepreneurs as their tax and business adviser. Sarah leads the tax practice in Regina, Saskatchewan and is a Family Enterprise Advisor™ certificant. She is dedicated to assisting family-owned and -operated businesses to effectively deal with continuity of the family business and succession of ownership and management to the next generation.
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John Tobin

Tax Partner, KPMG Enterprise, Calgary
For over 25 years, John has provided a wide array of tax advice to companies including tax compliance/advisory, succession planning, spin-off transactions and M&A deal advisory; tax services to NPOs and charities including structuring to conduct an unrelated business, such as land development, as well as working with charities undergoing CRA audits.
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Daniel Trimarchi

Family Business Advisor, KPMG Enterprise
Daniel specializes in family business governance and succession planning with business families of various sizes and complexities. Daniel works with these business families to understand their objectives and definitions of success through facilitating a consulting process which allows them to create an effective plan for the future governance of their business and wider enterprise.
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Jon Veldstra

Partner, KPMG Enterprise, Hamilton
Jon has over 10 years of experience working with owner managed businesses and their family members. He oversees wealth and financial reporting for Family Office clients and delivers a full spectrum of Life Administration services including accounting and bookkeeping services, payroll compliance, bill payment and third-party relationship management. Jon also ensures his clients are compliant with personal and corporate tax matters.
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Shannon Walters

Director, KPMG Enterprise and Family Office, GVA
Shannon is the Director of KPMG’s Family Office in the Greater Vancouver Area, with over 20 years’ experience providing Wealth Management services to High Net Worth families. She specializes in all aspects of personal financial planning, intergenerational financial literacy, coordinated asset allocation strategy, solving complex financial issues and facilitating discussions with both family and financial experts on behalf of her clients.
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