The new operating model: Imagine. Build. Secure. Optimize.

Most organizations are stretched thin, having to allocate precious time and resources across an array of operational tasks. Faced with dynamic market conditions, technology advancements, evolving regulatory demands, and limited human resources, businesses must continually optimize their operations to remain competitive.

Organizations that embrace digital business and cloud-based operating models are better positioned to exceed customer expectations, stay ahead of competitors and improve overall business performance. However, initial technology implementation is only part of the equation.

68% of executives say they've accelerated their digital transformation strategy as a result of COVID-19. 50% say they are focusing the scope of their strategy across the entire enterprise.

Source: Canadian insights from a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of KPMG, July 2020

New features from cloud SaaS providers are often not deployed. Only 16% of respondents adopted 50% or more new features.

Source: Managing your SaaS cloud environment report, May 2020

Business leaders today increasingly require scalable services, value-based pricing models, and programmatic risk posture to ensure resilience without sacrificing efficiencies – all while also prioritizing cost savings. The managed services operating model has emerged as an alternative service delivery model, allowing organizations to optimize their operations using digitally-enabled delivery models to reduce costs, satisfy customer and regulatory demands, and delivering high-quality outcomes at market speed.


Imagine your customer centric, digitally enabled organization. Assess the existing gaps across your entire enterprise and plot a course to your new business and operating models.


Build your nimble, scalable, and digitally enabled business. Implement and scale your technologies to achieve your intended business outcomes.


Secure your organization. Minimize threat exposure, manage risk pragmatically, maximize trust from your stakeholders.


Optimize your digital investments through managed services. Reallocate time and resources to focus on your strategic priorities.

How we can help

A combination of technology, intelligence, and hands-on orchestration, KPMG in Canada's Managed Services provide relief and performance improvement on several critical fronts:

  • Optimizing corporate and business functions (CRM, HR, Finance, IT, supply chain, procurement, cyber, risk) across your enterprise
  • Managing regulatory, financial and other risk management
  • Customer due diligence and KYC
  • Contract performance
  • Accounting standards

Our solutions are designed to enhance performance, protect assets, and improve compliance—offering a tested approach to maintaining critical business functions on the leading edge. Moreover, with delivery centres based in Canada, as well as team abroad, we can provide your business with 24/7 support no matter the time zone.

We help your teams become catalysts of impactful change and support better outcomes for:


Performance: Improving business efficiency, boosting operational effectiveness, and reducing costs.


Protection: Identifying and addressing organizational risks related to economic volatility, regulatory change, and digital disruption.


Compliance: Providing dedicated support to meet ever-changing and complex regulatory requirements quickly and cost effectively.

Wherever you are in your digital journey, KPMG is here to help you shape your future, converting challenges and opportunities into competitive edge. Let’s do this.

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