Quick access to the latest tax figures plays a key role in meeting reporting deadlines and remaining abreast of constant tax changes. The publication offers clear and concise answers to your tax and financial planning questions. This edition also includes a helpful preface with relevant COVID-19 tax measures.

This year’s Tax Facts covers:

  • Temporary federal subsidies and financial measures introduced in Canada in response to COVID-19
  • Canadian and U.S. corporate income tax rates
  • Individual combined top marginal tax rates for salary, interest, capital gains and dividends
  • Federal and provincial/territorial personal tax rates, brackets, surtaxes and credits
  • Federal and provincial/territorial sales tax rates
  • Payroll and health taxes

This online version of Tax Facts is updated throughout the year as tax changes occur. You can also get the latest corporate and personal tax rates from KPMG’s tax tables.

Canadian Tax Tables

Information in these tables is current as of December 31, 2021

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