By 2050, 66% of the world's population is expected to live in urban areas – providing municipalities with a continuous array of fiscal and operational challenges. Rather than cutting budgets across the board to manage costs and risk, the focus is now on "smart spending" by investing in more innovative systems and processes that can help drive efficiencies, streamline service delivery and increase revenue streams in order to improve sustainability.

Regardless of scope, our services can be scaled to suit any municipality's project needs. KPMG in Canada’s nationwide team of leading auditors, advisors, and global thought leaders provide leading practices, knowledge and experience in municipal government. Our mission is to help advise and support the sustainable development of cities and the effective provision of city services – including developing core service reviews, leveraging Public Private Partnerships, identifying outsourcing and revenue generation opportunities, re-purposing IT infrastructures, and/or reducing interdepartmental duplication.

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