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Growth. Efficiency. Assurance.

Growth. Efficiency. Assurance.

The education sector is undergoing substantial change in the wake of shifting demographics, government funding cutbacks, increasing tuition fees, campus and student safety and security, IT infrastructure demands and internationalization. Today’s focus is on delivering more with less through innovate approaches which can balance short-run needs with long-term opportunities.

KPMG is a leading service provider to the education sector in Canada and understands your fiscal and operational challenges. Our education clients across the country are served by the full resources of KPMG in Canada – including an active Global Education Sector Network across the world. Whether you are engaging in an IT restructuring, efficiency drive, sourcing capital funding, or partnership opportunities, our team of trusted and experienced professionals can help you achieve the levels of growth, efficiency and assurance required for continued success.



Children’s education assistance

The most common concerns with children’s education assistance.


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