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We investigate possible fraud in data collection and analysis, accounting irregularities, and violations of anti-bribery and corruption guidelines.

We investigate possible fraud in data collection & analysis and accounting irregularities.

Fraud and corruption is an ongoing risk for most organisations.

Fraud results in financial loss, impairs brand reputation and goodwill, alienates valued customers and suppliers and diminishes market confidence and trust.

Increasingly, organisations are taking a proactive approach to prevent fraud and corruption, and mitigate its consequences.


"Australian business loses an estimated $4–6 billion dollars annually as the result of fraud and misconduct. Fraud risk management is high on the agenda of many organisations. Rather than becoming another statistic, we assist our clients to proactively prevent fraud."


How we can help

KPMG's Fraud Risk Management team helps clients achieve their fraud prevention and mitigation objectives by assisting them to:

  • assess the nature of their fraud and misconduct risk exposures 
  • design effective ethics and compliance programs and related anti-fraud controls 
  • assign responsibilities and deploy resources for these programs
    evaluate program and control effectiveness.

Our fraud risk management professionals offer insights gained from extensive experience in conducting high-profile fraud, corruption and misconduct investigations.

They have worked with many leading organisations to establish strong fraud prevention programs and controls. They are thoroughly familiar with relevant control frameworks, government enforcement policies and industry best practice. They deploy methodologies, tools and technologies which have been developed and tested by our global network of forensic professionals.

We work with clients on fraud and misconduct risk assessments through to the design of compliance programs and use technology to enable continuous transaction monitoring.

Our services are scalable and are geared to the different risk profiles of individual clients.

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