Ideating and planning for our cities and regions and their infrastructure needs is complex, as is understanding how our cities and regions will grow and which infrastructure projects will enhance community wellbeing and prosperity now, and into the future.

The inherent challenge lies in the need to balance ‘predict and provide’ approach that addresses immediate infrastructure demands versus strategic infrastructure, that has the potential to shape the future and alter demand patterns.

KPMG’s Planning & Infrastructure Economics team can help plan for our cities and regions for now and the future by helping develop and prioritise projects that address the immediate and long term requirements and generate sustainable community benefits.

The benefits

Delivering expertise to help you with infrastructure planning

Strategically plan

Strategically plan for our cities and regions for the future.

Balance program and project investments

Balance program and project investments to drive social, economic and environmental dividends to the community and asset owners and investors.

Skills and capabilities

Skills and capabilities from all geographies and services.

How KPMG can help

We offer services in the following areas:

Strategic urban and regional planning

  • Strategic land use planning
  • Demographic analysis and forecasting
  • Land use forecasting and visualisation
  • Urban and regional economics
  • Master planning
  • Strategic urban design
  • Smart cities

Transport policy development

  • Governance framework development and design
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Performance measurement
  • Infrastructure program evaluation
  • Infrastructure strategy development
  • Governance reviews and effectiveness analysis
  • Planning, funding and delivery frameworks

Infrastructure planning and investment decision making

  • Infrastructure planning
  • Infrastructure modelling and demand forecasting
  • Infrastructure analytics
  • Prioritisation frameworks and analysis


  • Economic appraisal and cost benefit analysis
  • Funding and pricing strategies
  • Business case development and reviews

The KPMG difference

Bringing together a specialist, multi-disciplinary team

We advise on all major infrastructure asset classes including transport (rail, road and port), energy, natural resource, social infrastructure, urban/regional development and placemaking.

Our team provides advice from long-term planning through to concept development, and project planning and development phase of infrastructure delivery.

Our team brings skills and capabilities from many different disciplines, including:
  • Planning
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Urban design
  • Property  

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