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Treasury & Financial Markets

KPMG's Treasury & Financial Markets team can assist organisations to develop and execute cost effective financial risk management strategies.

KPMG can help you develop and execute cost effective financial risk management strategies.

Pro-active and sound financial risk management is paramount to build a sustainable business. While managing financial risk can be very complex companies failing to take a holistic financial risk management approach might find themselves in a position of compromised cash flows, insufficient liquidity and risk access to capital markets.

When implementing risk management decisions, organisations may need to execute relatively complex investment, borrowing and hedging transactions. Poor execution can result in the payment of large margins, which could have been avoided. Having executed risk management transactions, organisations need to then account and report on these transactions which can be challenging for some organisations.


How we can help

KPMG’s Treasury & Financial Markets team helps ASX listed companies and manages over $10bn of products across FX, Commodity and Interest Rate Markets. The team consisting of industry specialists including traders and analysts have access to real time market data (through Refinitiv, Bloomberg, SuperDerivatives) and one of Australia’s best Treasury Management Systems allowing us to provide real time insights. As an Australia Financial Services License (AFSL) licence holder we are able to offer a fully outsourced approach and service including the ability to deal directly on behalf of clients.

Companies that do not have in-house treasury expertise or require financial risk management advice can capitalise on our cost effective Treasury Managed Services.


Advisory Services

  • Development and implementation of a sound financial risk management strategy to manage market volatility so senior management can focus on core business objectives. We analyse the financial exposures of our clients and tailor strategies to minimise market risks including FX, interest rates, commodities, funding and liquidity that drive sustainable profitability.
  • Long term capital strategy development and refinement to identify a funding mix to assist in unlocking capital within the business to ensure solvency and fast-track key growth objectives.
  • Establishment of appropriate financial risk governance and compliance processes to develop and implement compliant financial risk management structures to manage the complexity of an evolving regulatory landscape, including hedge accounting advice in accordance with IFRS 9 and IFRS 13.
  • Transaction banking strategy review to design, implement and monitor efficiencies in line with business objectives with consideration for new and emerging technologies.
  • Tech enabled operating model reviews for treasury and corporate finance functions to implement fit for purpose capabilities of the latest treasury management systems, utilising straight through processing from deal initiation to settlement, cash management integration and end to end compliance across the whole organisational infrastructure.


Treasury as a Service

We are a market leader in providing outsourced treasury services. Using KPMG’s Managed Treasury Services, companies have the opportunity to gain access to a treasury system managed by experienced industry professionals whilst also introducing immediate and significant long term cost savings. This ultimately reduces risk and improves operational efficiencies. In particular, our clients value our outsourced offering as it provides the following:

  • Access to extensive financial markets expertise: Our team has specialists in financial risk management around foreign exchange, interest rates, debt and asset management. We directly oversee clients across a broad range of industries, including; health funds, state government agencies, mining companies, utilities, ASX listed corporations, and privately-owned corporations in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.
  • Fully outsourced approach, including dealing: We are the only service provider in Australia amongst our peers that provides a fully outsourced treasury services. We hold an Australia Financial Services License (AFSL) which allows us to transact on behalf of clients.
  • Access to Australia’s leading treasury management system: Clients can gain access to one of Australia’s leading treasury management systems. Transactions can be recorded and monitored using our treasury management system which provides, amongst other things: confirmation advices; detailed treasury reports for senior management and the Board; and accounting support with respect to hedge accounting under IAS 39 and IFRS 9.
  • Immediate Cost Savings: Our services can assist you in reducing costs in systems, compliance, personnel and ongoing maintenance to free up capital for investments while still managing financial market risks effectively.

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