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KPMG ThreatInspect

KPMG ThreatInspect

ThreatInspect provides a range of low-cost KPMG-managed specialist security controls.

ThreatInspect provides a range of low-cost KPMG-managed specialist security controls.

For most New Zealand organisations, the cost and capability needed to implement many specialist security controls has meant that it has not been possible for most. ThreatInspect addresses these challenges through the provision of a range of low-cost KPMG-managed specialist services.


ThreatInspect Threat Hunting

The information security landscape is constantly evolving, but organisations find it difficult to believe they could be a target for cyber attacks. This mindset needs to change – as the best offence is a good defence. At the same time, it is no longer viable to rely on defence. The determined adversary will get through eventually. As a result, organisations must know what is going on around them so that they can identify when an attack has taken place or when an attack is imminent. Intelligence and the insight that it brings is at the heart of next generation information security.

ThreatInspect Threat Hunting provides you an intelligence capability to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities in order to minimise the ‘threat attack window‘ and limit the amount of time an adversary gains access to the network before they are discovered. Through a combination of automated and manual techniques, the threat hunting service allows you to identify indicators of a potential cyber-attack or compromise.

Through taking a proactive stance, your ability to respond and prevent or minimise incidents is enhanced. You no longer have to wait until there is a high-profile breach before you can respond.

Read more about our Threat Hunting services here.


ThreatInspect Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning provides a high value low cost solution to help you identify any new vulnerabilities, and help ensure that you are in a defensible position to protect your systems and information assets. Industry standards such as NZISM, NIST’s ‘Small Business Information Security: The Fundamentals’ and PCI DSS recognise vulnerability scanning as a key control for protecting against cyber security risks.

Using KPMG’s ThreatInspect platform, regular vulnerability scanning of your systems can be performed to identify any weaknesses that need focusing on. Our ThreatInspect platform achieves this through integrating ‘best of breed’ commercial vulnerability scanning tools and threat intelligence to provide you an in-depth assessment.

The threat intelligence capability of our ThreatInspect platform goes beyond traditional vulnerability scanning, and helps your better prioritise your remediation efforts for any vulnerabilities identified. Prioritisation is based on a baseline risk rating, plus the combination of other factors, including whether the vulnerability is:

  • Currently being exploited at other organisations.
  • Trending in popularity across multiple organisations.
  • Included in an exploit kit or other public exploit sources.

While vulnerability scanning often focuses on just your Internet infrastructure, our services are also able to include vulnerability scanning over your web based applications and internal systems.

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