Companies today face numerous Enterprise service management (ESM) challenges.

Companies today face numerous Enterprise service management (ESM) challenges.

Companies today face numerous Enterprise service management (ESM) challenges, including the navigation of a complex web of customized legacy solutions to help support the modern mobile enterprise.

Leading organizations understand that their ESM capabilities must meet increasing levels of complexity in their service delivery models. Furthermore, the cloud is changing the way technology is delivered to the business and managed to achieve best-in-class return on investment.

KPMG and ServiceNow deliver transformative ESM solutions with the added benefits of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based platform. KPMG provides implementation services and process consulting along with specialization in ITIL process design, process and technology integration, and IT organizational change.

KPMG’s ITSM strengths
KPMG’s IT Service Management practice helps clients transform their enterprise ITSM capability to improve value, increase agility, and create sustainable business performance.

We offer:
Experience and thought leadership

  • A team of dedicated ITIL, COBIT, and ITSM Tools certified practitioners that delivers IT management solutions 
  • Through continuous R&D and industry relationships, we bring next generation IT Management solutions to our clients.
  • We define our program goals, critical success factors and approach based on our experience with existing practices, developing target states, defining actionable roadmaps, and developing business justifications for global clients across industries.

A well-established approach

  • Our carefully crafted approach builds, delivers, and enables a range of IT management services for our clients that leverages our change management capabilities and client experiences to “culturalise” IT management.
  • We successfully integrate full-breadth ITSM solutions across multiple layers of technology and infrastructure, and bring leading solutions to the most difficult ITSM areas, including multi-supplier integrator, configuration management, and release management.

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