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Project Advisory

Project Advisory

We can help you increase the probability of project success and enhance your project and programme performance.

We can help you increase the probability of project success.

Our experienced team takes an objective and professional approach to managing the many risks from major change.

How KPMG can help

We can help you with the critical success factors for a wide range of projects, including:

  • major business transformations such as mergers or acquisitions
  • complex IT systems initiatives
  • regulatory compliance or corporate governance.

KPMG employs leading concepts and practices, supported by:

  • experienced practitioners
  • project planning tools
  • documentation templates
  • benchmarking standards
  • built-in knowledge transfer.

Project Advisory Services can generate significant cost savings by minimising:

  • poor selection decisions
  • costly overruns
  • misalignment with business needs
  • poor quality deliverables
  • failed projects.

We can help improve the effectiveness of change within your organisation and increase the likelihood of your project’s success.

Benefits include:

  • cost reduction through reallocation of resources towards more productive project
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of project management controls for senior management or external parties (e.g. regulators)
  • continuous alignment of products, programme, projects with overall business goals
  • proactive advice on how to enhance processes and controls
  • validation and verification of contractor deliverables by leveraging the qualifications of our KPMG subject matter experts.

Supporting a successful implementation project

Enterprise wide technology projects have become a way of life for organisations. Many companies are now partnering with external solution providers to deliver services that are beyond their capabilities.

While these projects can bring substantial benefits, they can become disruptive and costly; dominating time and resources and affecting core business activities.

Large scale programmes and projects are complex and place new demands on an organisation. If not properly managed, they often result in significant business and financial risks.

To ensure success with their projects, organisations must:

  • define business requirements
  • determine the ‘fit’ of particular software solutions
  • choose the right vendors.

Many organisations lack the processes or expertise to successfully perform these tasks.

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