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Financial institutions & regulators in New Zealand are increasingly focused on conduct risk to restore trust in financial services.

Financial institutions & regulators in NZ are increasingly focused on conduct risk.

Financial institutions and regulators in New Zealand are becoming increasingly focused on conduct risk off the back of the huge focus by global regulators over the last ten years on restoring trust in financial services, consumer protection and market integrity.

Conduct risk can be summarised as whether the right product is sold, to the right customer, at the right value.

How we can help
Most New Zealand financial institutions are going through a process of identifying conduct risks in their business and kicking off programmes of work to remediate those risks.

At KPMG conduct risk is increasingly becoming a part of all the work we do for financial institutions. We can help you put a “conduct lens” on specific areas of the business, strategy and operations or across the whole business.

KPMG can support you both on particular areas of regulator focus as well as developing and implementing your overall approach to conduct risk with the objective of clearly identifying your conduct risks and having a vision and strategy for assessment, management and control of those risks.

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