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PrimeWest Mortgage Investment Corporation


Creditor and stakeholder information

Creditor and stakeholder information


​KPMG Inc. was affirmed as liquidator appointed over the assets and undertakings of PrimeWest Mortgage investment Corporation ("PrimeWest"), pursuant to a court order of the Court of Queen's Bench of Saskatchewan dated October 31, 2019.

Contact information

Cristina Pimienta


Court Orders

PrimeWest liquidation order dated October 31, 2019 [PDF 4.7 MB] - 2019-10-31

Amended and Restated Order dated Nov 25, 2019 [PDF 8.1 MB] - 2019-11-25


Motion Materials

Affidavit of Marlene Kaminsky with exhibits [PDF 24 MB] - 2019-10-09

Supplementary affidavit of Kaminsky [PDF 663 KB] - 2019-10-23


Application materials

Originating application [PDF 402 KB] - 2019-10-09



Notice and Statement of Liquidator dated Nov 6, 2019 [PDF 168 KB] - 2019-11-06

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