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Strategy and governance

Strategy and governance

KPMG can help you develop a strong cyber security strategy that goes beyond IT and aligns to your business vision, objectives and innovation projects.

KPMG in Canada can help you develop a strong cyber security strategy for your business.

Develop a cyber security strategy to help your company act proactively and efficiently

Cyber security is a strategic enterprise enabler that goes far beyond information technology. A strong cyber security strategy should align to the business vision, objectives and innovation projects. If implemented effectively, it can enhance product integrity, customer experience, operations, regulatory compliance, brand reputation, investor confidence and more — leading to a return on your cyber investments.

That's why cyber security demands attention not only from the chief information officer — but also from the rest of the C-Suite, the board and, indeed, employees and business collaborators throughout the organization.

Building your cyber security strategy

KPMG knows that to deliver cyber security value, businesses must first determine the appropriate levels of acceptable and tolerated risk. We help you understand how best to align your information protection agenda to your dynamic business and compliance priorities.

By focusing on security needs versus wants, KPMG teams from various member firms build enterprise-wide security strategies that help to move organizations from reacting in crisis mode to having a proactive, value-added business solution. KPMG in Canada's Cyber Security practice offers tailored, industry solutions that accommodate your big-data usage.

Further information

The following documents provide in more details the breadth a select portfolio of our services and how we can help your organization. These documents contain a short summary outlining common problems and how we can help, including KPMG contact information across Canada:

Contact an Advisory professional today to learn more about our practice and how we can help you.

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