Groupe Dessau Inc. and related companies

Groupe Dessau Inc. and related companies

Creditor and stakeholder information.

Creditor and stakeholder information.

Procedures in relation to Sections 351 and 354 of Business Corporation Act, CQLR, Chapter S-31.1 (Québec) (« BCA »)

In the matter of the Liquidation of Groupe Dessau inc., Dessau Holding inc., Dessau Capital inc., 9387-1325 Québec inc. (formerly LVM inc.), Soprin ADS inc., Landry Gauthier & Associés inc., Fondatec inc., Dessau inc., Dessau ADL inc., Consultants VFP inc., Les Consultants René Gervais inc., Plania inc., Groupe Construction Verreault inc., 9387-5631 Québec inc. (formerly Verreault inc.) and 9198-6919 Québec inc. (« Debtors »).

On May 3, 2019, the Commercial Division of the Superior Court of Québec, District of Montreal (the "Court"), issued an order (the "Liquidation Order"), in relation to the Debtors. As per the terms of the Liquidation Order, KPMG Inc. was appointed liquidator (the "Liquidator") of the Debtors to perform the distribution of their assets and the settlement of their debts.

On May 3, 2019, the Court also issued an order (the "Claims Process Order"), The Claims Process Order relates to the Debtors, their directors and their officers. It provides for a process (the "Claims Process") for the purposes of identifying, establishing, adjudicating or otherwise resolving any and all Claims (as defined in the Claims Process Order) against the Debtors. The Claims Process will be conducted by the Liquidator.

1-833-467-5381 / 514-940-4200


Notice to creditors - [PDF 63 KB] 2019-05-03


Instructions letter to creditors - [PDF 109 KB] 2019-05-03
Proof of claim form - [PDF 119 KB] 2019-05-03
Notice of Objection - [PDF 79 KB]


Court motions
Motion for a Liquidation Order and for a Claims Process Order (French only) [PDF 2.1 MB] - 2019-05-01


Court Orders
Liquidation Order (French only) - [PDF 4.2 MB] 2019-05-03
Claims Process Order (French only) [PDF 3.3 MB] - 2019-05-03


Reports of the Liquidator
First report of the Liquidator (French only) [PDF 192 KB] - 2019-05-01

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