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Funding a business

Funding a business

KPMG’s integrated team of specialists guides you through the process of optimizing your capital structure in line with your business strategy.

Optimize your capital structure in line with your strategy.

A strategic approach to defining your capital financing objectives and understanding your debt, mezzanine, and equity financing options in light of both private and capital market sources is essential to sustainable growth.  

Our debt advisory practice and Makinson Cowell, which was acquired by KPMG in 2013, have experienced insights and market presence to provide holistic and conflict-free advice to match your strategic objectives. We offer hands-on assistance through the process of raising capital, from initial assessment and strategy to successful execution. Using clear and consistent communications, we can help you develop and strengthen shareholder support for the deal.

Our integrated team of specialists helps you focus on the key questions to develop and implement capital structuring transactions and raise capital in alignment with your goals.


Financing strategy: What is the optimal capital structure for my business?

Formulate a strategic plan for your capital structure after assessing your business plan, financing objectives and capital requirements.


Option identification and evaluation: What are my financing options?

Determine the preferred strategy to drive your business plan by analysing existing financing arrangements, current financial performance and projections to help you assess your financing options and gauge market appetite.


Deal preparation: How do I prepare and who should I approach? 

Assess the viability, challenges and opportunities of each stage of a debt or equity raise. Identifying suitable lenders and investors to approach and addressing key issues regarding investor relations, capital investment and capital structure are all part of an integrated approach.


Deal execution: How do I achieve the best terms?

Study the prevailing market conditions, the appetite of prospective funders and how other sectors and markets are addressing financing needs.


Stakeholder communication: How do I manage ongoing communications?

Develop an effective stakeholder engagement strategy that will drive real value over the long term. You can maintain beneficial stakeholder relationships with an investor and/or bondholder study to inform your strategic thinking and help you anticipate lender issues and market developments.


Our integrated team of trusted advisors guides you through the process of raising capital by understanding it from an investor’s perspective. You get honest, practical advice of real value to inform your strategic decisions and help you meet your business growth objectives. Using clear and consistent communications, we can help you develop and strengthen shareholder support for the deal.

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