Buy side and sell side tax due diligence and assistance during the Transaction

Tax due diligence

As a part of our support we offer tax due diligence aimed at identification of tax risks and presentation of our recommendations.

As a part of our support we offer tax due diligence services.

Our experience has proven that the identification of any potential tax risks can have a significant impact on the market value of an entity to be acquired and is an important element in the process of assessing the rationale of a transaction, including the negotiation of a share purchase price.


The purpose of the tax due diligence is to identify tax risks and to provide recommendations on how to mitigate them during the M&A process. The result of our work is presented in form of a report concerning the tax position of the entity along with the presentation and assessment of tax risks. Tax issues identified during the tax due diligence are subject to negotiations regarding respective representation and guarantee clauses as well as indemnification clauses to be provided in the share purchase agreement and can have an impact on the price calculation.

During our vendor support, the M&A tax group provides a report on the entity's current tax position and assists in preparing the tax documentation to be made available in the due diligence process.

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