Complex tax and customs reviews

Complex tax and customs reviews

We carry out reviews oriented on identification and reduction of customs and tax risks as well as finding potential savings.

Our reviews are aimed at identification of tax and customs risks.

Compliance with customs and tax laws is currently crucial for companies operating in an international environment. Their violation may not only result in the obligation to pay arrears, but also additional controls and fines or even withdrawal of previously obtained authorizations.

Therefore, it is necessary to identify the risks resulting from improper application of customs and tax regulations and implement appropriate countermeasures.

The scope of our services, as part of customs and tax reviews include:

  • preliminary analysis of the selected sample of documents,
  • conducting interviews with employees responsible for customs and export activities, logistics as well as finance and accounting,
  • verification of internal procedures,
  • selecting and collecting samples for the main analysis of documentation,
  • direct participation in activities,
  • presentation of the summary report covering: 
    • irregularities detected,
    • risk assessment in individual areas,
    • recommendations regarding adaptations and simplifications,
    • assessment of internal procedures,
    • calculations of potential savings.

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