AEO authorization

AEO authorization

We provide comprehensive support for entrepreneurs in obtaining AEO.

We provide comprehensive support for entrepreneurs in obtaining AEO.

The AEO authorization is used to identify secure operators and is granted to enterprises that meet the broad requirements specified in customs regulations.

In practice, these criteria do not only apply to customs issues, but to the entire business activity, including areas such as:

  • Finance and accounting,
  • IT,
  • HR,
  • Logistics,
  • Purchases,
  • Security.

During the certification proceedings, a high level of control of the processes that are carried out should be demonstrated, preferably through implemented and respected procedures.

Obtaining the authorization is an important confirmation of the entity's credibility in the eyes of customs authorities and business partners and gives access to numerous privileges that allow to limit the number of customs controls of goods, simplify customs clearance and reduce the financial burdens.

The scope of our services as part of the project related to the AEO authorization includes:

  • detailed audit of compliance with the AEO requirements,
  • presenting a summary report indicating potential risk areas,
  • comprehensive preparation of the enterprise and its employees to submit the AEO application and to participate in the audit of the authorities,
  • making the required changes to existing internal procedures as well as preparing and implementing new procedures,
  • preparation and submission of the application for the AEO authorization together with the entrepreneur self-assessment questionnaire,
  • representation during the certification process,
  • conducting training on the AEO requirements and customs procedures.

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