We are a part of KPMG Global Real Estate Network – experts that all over the world focus on real estate sector to provide the clients with tailor made services covering tax, deal advisory, audit and valuation.

Within the tax advisory we offer services tailored to specific requirements and needs of the real estate sector, including the following:

Transactional services:

—   Tax due diligence and transactional advice to the asset/share acquisitions

—   Purchase price allocation

—   Transaction structuring

—   Tax advisory on deal financing

—   Tax advisory on exit from investments

Ongoing advisory services:

—   Tax hotline

—   Advisory on real estate management including settlements with tenants

—   Tax settlements for new investments and development

—   Refinancing support

—   Restructurings

—   Transfer pricing

—   Withholding tax

Tax compliance services:

—   Corporate income tax compliance

—   Preparing VAT returns and registers, standard audit files for tax (SAF-T)

—   Refunds of minimum income tax on commercial real estate

—   Verification of real estate tax

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