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We support entrepreneurs in proper preparation for the effects of Brexit.

We support entrepreneurs in proper preparation for the effects of Brexit.

On the 1 February 2020 Great Britain left the European Community. This date was also the beginning of a transitional period, during which the United Kingdom would remain in the customs union. For this reason, Brexit, at least until the end of the year, will be imperceptible in mutual trade relations.

In accordance with the adopted agreement, the coming months are to be used to determine the terms of a future free trade agreement. The purpose of this agreement will be to lay down detailed rules for the trade in goods, to set preferential customs tariffs, to introduce mutual recognition of a part of authorizations and, above all, to simplify customs formalities.

Eventual failure of the negotiations, and hence the lack of an agreement, may mean that Great Britain will become a third country for the European Union, and the trade in goods will be carried out based on the rules of the World Trade Organization, similarly to the trade with China.

Regardless of how the transition period ends, EU entrepreneurs who carry out goods transactions with counterparties from the United Kingdom should already be prepared for significant changes related to the obligation to perform customs clearance, establishment of border controls, and significant increase in financial burdens.

The scope of our support for entrepreneurs in connection with Brexit may include:

  • examining the current readiness to carry out customs formalities,
  • determining the tariff classification of goods and an indication of possible rates of customs duties,
  • determining the origin of goods in order to apply tariff preferences,
  • estimation of potential costs resulting from Brexit,
  • analysis of non-tariff restrictions to which goods may be subject,
  • presenting recommendations to increase the efficiency of the supply chain, simplifying customs formalities and reducing the financial burdens,
  • comprehensive support in obtaining customs authorizations, including AEO.

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