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KPMG Powered HR

KPMG Powered Enterprise helps you elevate the business value of HR.

Elevate the importance of HR in your organization to achieve greater business value.

Make HR a strategic partner to your business with KPMG and cloud technology.

Today, HR teams are charged with redefining the workplace experience and engaging employees. While grappling with escalating challenges – talent acquisition and retention, global mobility and compliance, employee learning and development and reporting accurate data – HR professionals must also put the right strategies in place to align with strategic business objectives.

You have a choice. You can allow HR to be seen as an overhead cost, or you can use leading practices to transform the function into a value driver for your business.

KPMG Powered Enterprise HR helps you address these challenges with a modern approach. It helps you transform your HR function through a combination of KPMG member firms’ leading practices, tested operating models and cloud-based technology. It will help you demonstrate your value and partner with your business to drive growth and efficiency.

Implementing a new cloud-based HR system alone is typically not enough. The 2016 KPMG HR Transformation Study shows that, while cloud HR systems promise significant benefits, only 63 percent of them expect improved business value. KPMG Powered HR provides companies like these with an approach that helps them achieve a faster, more seamless and successful HR transformation.

Instead of designing a solution from scratch, KPMG professionals work with you to validate that the pre-built models work for your organisation. And they drive you towards the latest HR practices, allowing you to see the answers sooner, and create a faster implementation path – and a greater step change in value for your business.

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