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It’s time to empower your business

Growing competition means that modern businesses must continuously find ways to improve performance. New ways of working have made it imperative to rethink how your workforce interacts and collaborates. At the same time, there’s greater pressure to reduce risk and make your organisation future ready. Empowering and changing how your business functions is not a choice anymore.

There are countless ways to approach transformation, but there are only a handful of ways to make it work. Our expertise and projects with some of the biggest organisations have allowed us to refine how we approach transformation. With Powered Enterprise, we bring our experience of working on thousands of functional transformations and know-how of the latest cloud technologies.

We work with you to make your key business functions relevant for the future and responsive to customer needs. Powered Enterprise focuses on organisational design, technology and operating models used within these functions and redesigns them as required. Our Powered assets let you tap into advanced processes, operating models, implementation methods and tools. 

Using one of our nine pre-configured functional models, you can step into the new reality with confidence. Ultimately, you can benefit from better performance and greater value.

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The Powered toolkit

Our toolkit has three key elements for transformational success — a tried and tested operating model, an implementation suite and ongoing evolution services. Using them, you can turn your desired functional outcomes into reality.

Enabling digital transformation

We look at digital transformation through an industry and customer lens. Our aim is to deliver change across your whole enterprise. That means aligning the front, middle and back offices. And by doing that, we help you deliver efficiency, agility and profitable growth.

We give you access to a set of solutions, frameworks and accelerators. They’re designed to support continuing innovation. And they help you sustain high performance in a fast-moving digital world.

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Connected Enterprise

We use industry and customer insights to drive your digital transformation. Our approach aligns every one of your processes, functions and relationships. The focus is always on the customer, business value and sustainable growth.

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Powered Enterprise

How can you drive better functional performance? How can I help our people embrace new ways of working? How do I ensure our processes are future-ready? Powered Enterprise helps you answer these questions. It enables you to tap straight into advanced organisational design and leading technology.

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Are you meeting your promise to customers over security? Are you providing safe and seamless experiences? Are you ready to respond to the next big crisis? Our risk solutions help you earn your customers' trust.

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Why choose Powered?

›   Transform the way you run your business

›   Drive success with the latest leading practices

›   Build agile functions that evolve as you grow

›   Help your people adopt and embrace change

›   Exploit the best technologies for value and performance

›   Optimise service delivery and use of data for competitive advantage

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