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Risk committee

Guidance and resources to help risk committee members navigate the complex risk landscape

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Transition from LIBOR

Transitioning from LIBOR – is your organisation ready for this seismic shift?

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Transition to sterling risk-free rates from Libor
Bank of England

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Risk in the boardroom

Eurasia Group's annual forecast of the political risks for 2020

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The future of financial Services

The outlook for financial services regulation

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Rethinking Risk

Accelerating transformation through regulatory change:

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Cyber security

Staying ahead of cyber-crime - second only to political risk as one of the key challenges facing the financial sector.
UK Finance

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Disruptive technologies

The value of Fintech: Unpacking "Fintech" and its value, not only to financial services but also to the wider economy

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On the 2020 risk committee agenda

"Our Board Leadership Centre is designed to help risk committee members and others keep abreast of the rapidly changing risk environment, whether that be connected with regulation, conduct risk, compliance, organisational change or cyber security and innovation."

Jon Holt, Partner – KPMG in the UK

On the 2020 risk committee agenda

Tools and best practice

Resources that can be used by audit committees in preparing their own policies, procedures and disclosures

Risk Terms of reference

Terms of Reference for risk committees (by kind permission of ICSA: The Governance Institute)

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Who to contact

Jon Holt
Partner, KPMG
Julian Morgan
Partner, KPMG
Timothy Copnell
Board Leadership Centre, KPMG