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Board issues

Leading insights to help board members face today’s boardroom challenges

Latest Insight - COVID-19 - The business implications
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Meet your new customer: Key questions

Decisions and considerations for boards when it comes to competing in this new reality

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COVID-19 - The board's perspective Read

COVID-19 - Annual General Meetings Read

COVID-19 - Leadership in executive pay Read

Crisis Management

The board's role in crisis prevention and readiness

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The role of culture in crisis prevention Read

Who are the board accountable to? Alison Kay and Victoria White share their insights View

Dame Deirdre Hutton shared her experiences of Monarch airlines administration Read

On the 2020 board agenda

Top issues board members should keep in mind as they approach and execute their 2020 agendas

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On the 2020 audit committee agenda Read

On the 2020 nomination committee agenda Read

On the 2020 remuneration committtee agenda Read

Good Governance

Good governance is a cornerstone of good business but there's never been a one-size-fits-all model. 'Letters to a new chair' is a good starting point to put good governance into practice.
Tomorrow's Company

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Letter from an Audit Committee Chair Read

Letter from a Remuneration Committee Chair View

Letter from an Institutional Investor Read

Soft governance

Trustworthy by design

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Building accountable boards Read

Governing through corporate purpose View

Effective conversations Question

Corporate Governance

UK stewardship code 2020

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The UK Coporate Governance Code Read

FRC Guidance on Board Effectiveness View

2018 UK corporate governance reforms View

Building inclusive boards

Are women progressing on FTSE 350 boards? The 4th report from the Hampton-Alexander Review examines the journey to the voluntary targets
Hampton-Alexander Review 2019

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Tackling Gender Seniority Gap
Association of British Insurers

Improving gender balance in business Hampton‑Alexander Review View

Board composition: Ten questions for boards Question

Technology in the boardroom

To master resilience, CEO's need to drive digital reinvention

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Top cyber considerations for the board Read

Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey 2019 - Board priorities and investments in IT View

Changing lansdscape of disruptive technologies Question

Board issues

Staying ahead of cyber-crime - second only to political risk as one of the key challenges facing the financial sector.
UK Finance

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A conversation about cyber risk with Sir Iain Lobban (formerly of GCHQ) Read

Building cyber resilience in asset management: View

Cyber-security: Ten questions for boards Question

Board Issues

"Every day boardrooms are dealing with uncertainty and disruption, whether that’s geopolitical or economic volatility, regulatory scrutiny or the change that comes from dealing with new generations coming through our workplaces."

Melanie Richards, Deputy Chair – KPMG

Leaders on Leadership

Leaders from a variety of backgrounds explain what leadership means to them

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Building a respectful culture

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Seismic events put strategy, resilience, and social responsibility to the test

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Facilitating the boards engagement in strategy

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Maintaining a strong CEO/Board Relationship

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Growth in a G-Zero World

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Whistle-blowing and fraud

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Exercising judgement during a pandemic
London Business School

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Protecting Intangible Assets

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AI challenges for non-executive directors

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The New Paradigm framework for governance
Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz (via HLS)

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Wates corporate governance principles

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Culture and conduct

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5G : The key to unlocking digital technology

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The role of the CFO on boards

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Governance in AIM - New governance reporting requirements

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Governance in private companies - New governance reporting requirements

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New governance reporting requirements

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Secure 5G : A key enabler of digital transformation

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Cyber in the boardroom

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Ethics in the boardroom

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Diversity in the boardroom: Pushing forward, reaching back

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Spencer Stuart: Investors and the board

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KPMG 2020 CEO Outlook: COVID-19 Special Edition

Overview sentiment of CEOs from key markets pre and post lockdowns

Read global report Read UK report

Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey 2019 - A Changing Perspective

Special Report on becoming a future-ready Digital Leader

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Global Female Leaders Outlook 2018

Female leaders embrace disruption, trust data and are realistic about future growth

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Building a great board

Over 2300 directors explore how the alignment of boardroom talent with strategy is driving board composition and succession planning

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Calibrating strategy and risk

A global survey to better understand how boards are helping companies calibrate strategy and risk, and where the biggest challenges and concerns lie

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Global audit committee survey

A global survey providing insights to help audit committees sharpen their focus, benchmark responsibilities and strengthen oversight

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Audit quality

UK audit committee members anonymously rate various aspects of audit quality for their organisation’s most recent financial year

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Auditor transition

UK audit committee members look at auditor transition, handover, business impact, the degree to which tender ‘promises’ had been delivered and the challenges of transition

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The risks and benefits of changing auditors

Regular audit tendering and rotation is now business as usual. This survey explores the perceived risks and benefits of changing the external auditor

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Boardroom questions

Boards have to cover a wide range of issues. Time is limited, so asking the right questions is critical.

Boardroom questions are designed to help directors frame their boardroom challenge.

Human rights issues

Addressing human rights in business

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Building a customer centric business

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Inclusion and diversity for growth and innovation

The future is inclusive

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Flying into potential risk and tax storms

The mobile workforce

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A quick look at why Blockchain is important

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Cloud enabled back office

A quick look at leveraging the cloud in transforming back office functions

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Intelligent automation

What organisations expect from artificial intelligence and what needs to be in place to benefit from it

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Cyber security – What does it mean for the board?

Why cyber security risk is an everyday business consideration in the same way that threats in the real world always have been

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Turning data insights into value

A quick look at trusting Data and Analytics (D&A) with Intelligent Automation

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Changing landscape of disruptive technologies

How disruptive technologies are redefining markets, industries and businesses

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Future workforce

A brief look at the projected shape of tomorrow’s global workforce

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The global goals for sustainable development

Key questions boards might ask around sustainability and the United Nations Global Compact

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Industry 4.0 - the fourth industrial revolution

What might the future look like for global manufacturers in a world where machines and products are more connected?

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Monitoring third party and supply chain risk

Identifying, assessing and managing the weakest links in your supply chain

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Why is risk an issue in the boardroom?

The importance of risk as a boardroom issue

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How businesses can transform existing processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Strategy – Where to play and how to win

Defining strategy and ensuring successful execution as an area of increasing importance for boards

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Continuous transformation

A quick look at ensuring organisations continuously transform and adapt in order to compete

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Responsive & Responsible leadership

Linking social capital with bottom line performance

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Who to contact

Melanie Richards
Deputy Chair – KPMG
Timothy Copnell
Board Leadership Centre, KPMG