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Tax Reimagined in practice

Tax Reimagined in practice

There is no shortage of challenges and opportunities facing today’s tax functions. Carrying on as in the past is not a viable option. You need to be ready to be compliant and ready for the changing digital future of tomorrow. Tax is your license to do business. Tax Reimagined is the discussion you need to have now.

The challenge

The volume and pace of change in the tax environment is unprecedented. Complex and uncertain times need different tools and skills to manage the business of tax. Yet, investment has lagged behind. Your workload has increased while your resources have diminished. You need to not only be compliant today but ready for the digital world of tomorrow. Meanwhile the business continues to demand tax support. What’s the answer?

Global trends disrupting the tax function

The opportunity

At KPMG we have combined our technology, transformation and compliance capabilities under a new framework — Tax Reimagined. Deploying our solution architects and leveraging this framework, we can help you develop a strategy for your tax function and design a target operating model to help ensure execution; reduce costs, improve quality and unlock value from your tax and statutory function. 

KPMG's approach to developmeing a target operating model

Tax Reimagined in practice

KPMG’s Tax Reimagined solution architects collaborate with you to bring tax expertise, a deep understanding of technology and innovative operating model designs to work alongside you to reimagine your tax function. This will involve designing a target operating model that combines transformation, with the right blend of managed services and technology to help the gears of your business flow seamlessly.  

Next Steps

Every company is unique. Every tax function is too. A bespoke KPMG Tax Reimagined workshop gives you the opportunity to imagine the model that works for you then brings it to life.

Our rapid diagnostics and wealth of benchmarking data can take you from dreaming of the possible to the foundations of a tangible business case in less time than you think.

Continue the conversation by contacting one of our global solution architects. Together, let’s prepare to meet the future of tax.

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