KPMG Digital Gateway

Powered by Microsoft Azure and built on the cloud, KPMG Digital Gateway is a single platform solution that gives you access to the full suite of KPMG Tax & Legal technologies. KPMG Digital Gateway puts our investments in machine learning, data analytics, powerful visualizations and AI technologies in one place, all driven by the rich data you already have on hand. The platform combines the expertise of KPMG’s global network of professionals, our alliances and our technology solutions to form one integrated platform that has been built to support tax and legal leaders, as well as asset managers, and the evolving needs of their departments. KPMG Digital Gateway brings you a wealth of tools to help you tackle regulatory change, turn data into value, streamline compliance and planning, while enabling effective collaboration across tax, legal and finance departments and beyond. We are investing US$5 billion over five years in technology, people and innovation to accelerate the digital transformation of KPMG firms and our clients, and more than US$1billion in tax & legal technology specifically in that period. 



Key Features

Collaboration and control
Tax news and updates
Turn data into value


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KPMG Digital Gateway

An expansive global platform to help tackle today's tax, legal, mobility and business issues through technology.

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Digital Gateway in Action

This video series will explore what KPMG Digital Gateway has to offer your tax department when it comes to Indirect Tax.

KPMG Digital Gateway Mobile app

KPMG Digital Gateway Mobile App  - an extension of the KPMG Digital Gateway desktop application, which will bring together the full suite of KPMG Tax, Legal and Mobility technologies, all accessible on-the-go through your iOS or Android device. 

In this initial release of the mobile app you can view public tax news and KPMG firms’ contacts through a native mobile experience. Powered by Microsoft Azure, KPMG Digital Gateway Mobile stays in sync by leveraging services directly from the desktop version. When news articles or contacts are made available, they sync across desktop and mobile.

Digital gateway mobile

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How do you build a truly technology-driven function without devoting your entire budget to fancy tools and new solutions? You leverage our technologies instead.

  • Manage workflow and documentation across borders
  • Communicate and operate efficiently & effectively on a global basis
  • Optimize your business activities
  • Balance the need to react with opportunity
  • Transform your business


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