The healthcare system is complicated. As citizens, we expect an enormous range of services, free at the point of use and consistent throughout the UK. And it must do this while remaining financially and clinically viable. This leads to a complex web of organisations working together to deliver services efficiently.

KPMG brings expertise from all over the world, channelling knowledge, insight and experience through our people, who work closely with clients to make improvements. It is satisfying to apply our technical skills to improve outcomes. For example, organising the flow in A&E better means more people can be cared for, more quickly. But it's not just about deploying technology or a technical solution. Change relies on everything working together as a connected system.

2020 has been a year of significant change. Consider the increase in adoption of the digital GP appointment. Unthinkable just a year ago, it is now driving changes to care pathways. Remote working will mean changes for the workforce, and possibly the way we organise roles and regulation. The Nightingale Hospitals showed a glimpse of the potential to change roles to harness a wider range of skills and talent.

Keeping the system delivering while improving services through transformation will mean everyone needs to work together effectively. The providers and regulators, national and local government, private and public companies, financial institutions and investors. It’s this sort of collaboration which we think will be critical to developing new health and care services.

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At KPMG, we provide audit, tax and advisory services to help make the healthcare system work, and to help it improve. We work with providers, integrated care systems, commissioners and private sector suppliers. Our people support national programmes and we work with individual trusts to improve performance.