Everyone in society should be able to reach their full potential.

All too often, people can’t get ahead, or even start, their careers because they face barriers.

We want to change that.

We’re levelling the playing field so opportunity and progress at our firm depends on people’s ability and the choices they make.

We launched Fairer Futures to help us take action. It’s our campaign to improve inclusion, diversity and social equality, both for our people and the communities we serve.

We aim to:

Improve inclusivity and diversity within our firm

The diversity of our firm is not where we want it to be. We have set targets through to 2022 to give our people focus and we’re working towards closing pay gaps.

Boost skills across the UK

The majority of young people born into poverty fail to develop the basic skills they need to progress in life. We’re promoting lifelong learning, and we’re opening up opportunities for many, by increasing numeracy and literacy skills.

Lead by example

We’re working with partner organisations, clients, suppliers and the business community to create a Fairer Future.