The UK’s target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, the impact of COVID-19, changing customer expectations and new technologies have all put pressure on energy, utilities and natural resources companies to adapt and find new opportunities for growth. Investors are pressuring Boards to put climate risk and decarbonisation at the heart of their strategy. Extensive business model transformation is now the focus for many businesses as they manage the energy transition.

At KPMG, we work with leading power and utilities, oil and gas, chemicals and mining companies. We help our clients deal with disruptive business challenges, grow their revenues and reduce costs. We help them to develop new strategies, improve operating models and efficiency, and deliver superior customer and investor value.
Our energy team consists of experienced industry experts from a range of backgrounds. We share one common goal, to future-proof the companies we work with and prepare them for the future of energy.

Discover how we support the energy and natural resources industry

Customer experience
We understand the importance of ensuring a smooth customer experience in helping your business scale new heights. We work with clients to transform their customer and employee experience for the digital age.

Future energy markets
Our experts are up to date on the emerging trends and can help you set a vision and strategy for your business in the future energy market, while considering anticipated regulatory challenges.


Invoice leakage and automation
Using technologies like artificial intelligence, we help clients identify value across the invoice process by reconciling leakage and automating current verification processes.

Cost optimisation
We can help you identify, quantify, prioritise and deliver the right changes to align your operating model to financial targets and strategic objectives, using techniques such as zero-based budgeting.

Strategic options
We can advise you on your best course of action and strategic options in response to a changing energy market. We look at how opportunities to buy, sell, partner, fund or fix your company can add and preserve value.

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