Chemical companies face new challenges from COVID-19, financial downturns and geopolitical disruptions. Demand has declined for many products, while closed borders and travel bans are disrupting supply chains and business operations. Firms are facing cashflow challenges, and inventory is tied up in supply chains. To remain viable, chemical companies will have to adapt to a very different business environment. The most agile will be best placed to capitalise on the market opportunities.

Chemical companies need to accelerate their digitalisation and adopt new operating models. They need to review their supply chains and adapt to new ways of working. They need to continue to drive progress on ESG and protect themselves from climate change risks.

Our chemical sector experts can help you manage this transition. We can help you restructure your workforce, transform supply chains, identify and understand climate risks, and use digital tools to increase efficiency in your operations. Ultimately, we can help you make sure your business is resilient for the future.

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