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Global Immigration Network

Global Immigration Network

Providing the information and technology to help you efficiently manage your global workforce.

Providing the information and technology to help you manage your global workforce.

In an increasingly global marketplace, opportunities for your business can emerge anywhere. We recognize that your company needs to be in the right place at the right time. With KPMG’s process, experienced network of professionals, and suite of immigration technology tools, our member firm teams can help streamline the administration of immigration cases, mitigate risk and provide the insights needed to help meet your organizational goals. Learn more about our services below.

An integrated approach

  • Immigration support and strategic advice. Our member firm professionals prepare, file and manage applications, as well as provide strategies for meeting your immigration and compliance requirements fully and efficiently.
  • Training and workshops. Our member firm teams conduct workshops with your HR and Global Mobility managers, employees and project managers on a wide range of issues, such as integrating immigration into business initiatives and contract negotiations, helping ensure compliance with immigration laws, and dealing with reorganizations and resourcing changes.
  • Individual Income Tax Compliance Services. Our network of member firms prepare income tax returns for your employees. Company payroll, income tax and social security calculations and reporting. We help establish payroll, income tax and social security procedures for your employees, taking compensation policies into account.
  • Succession Planning and Global Sourcing. Our member firm professionals help establish succession programs with a global sourcing lens – understanding that internal transfers assimilate better and faster than external recruits. 
  • Global Mobility Programs. KPMG works closely with clients to develop mobility policies and programs to facilitate the transfer of talent between countries. We also advise on diversity and inclusion policies and programs to foster a culture where leadership teams are representative of the global markets they serve.
  • Integration Support. Our network of member firms prepare 100-day programs for new expats to accelerate their integration and increase your return on a mobility investment. 
  • Cultural Awareness. Our professionals understand the cultural differences that can present challenges for talent moving to a foreign country, and provide advice and support needed for a smoother transition of executives.

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