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Flash Alert - Immigration

Flash Alert - Immigration

All Flash Alerts on the topic of immigration.


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Flash Alert - Immigration


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12/19/2019: Netherlands – Income Requirement for Foreign Workers Modified for 2020 

12/18/2019: Canada – Temporary Suspension of New Requirements under Quebec Experience Programs

12/10/2019: Belgium – Authorities Set New 2020 Minimum Salary Criteria

12/10/2019: United States – USCIS Green Lights H-1B e-Registration for FY2021 Cap Season

12/02/2019: Ireland – New Changes to Employment Permits Regime

11/27/2019: European Union – Round-up of Significant Developments Affecting Global Mobility

11/26/2019: United States - Government Agencies Release Fall 2019 Regulatory Agendas

11/13/2019: Chile – Updates on Visas and Permanent Residency Procedures

11/08/2019: United States – Court Stalls Health Insurance Requirement for Immigrant Visa Applicants 

11/08/2019: Canada – New Requirements under Quebec Experience and Quebec Selection Certificate Programs 

10/25/2019: United Kingdom – Expansion of Shortage Occupation List for Immigration Purposes

10/09/2019: Germany – New Laws, Updated Rules if No-Deal Brexit

10/08/2019: United States – Green Card Access Limited for Medically Uninsured

10/07/2019: United Kingdom – Updates on Social Security for Mobile Employees Post-Brexit 

09/26/2019: Czech Republic – Draft Amendment Introducing Changes to Assignment of Workers

09/16/2019: United Kingdom - Re-introduction of Post-Study Work Visa for Graduates Planned

09/11/2019: United States – Inspections Relating to STEM OPT Workers

08/21/2019: United Kingdom – More Rigorous Document-Keeping Duties for Sponsors

08/15/2019: United States - “Public Charge” Rule Limits Green Card & Visa Access

08/05/2019: Czech Republic – Changes in Store for Residence Rules for Foreigners

07/18/2019: United States – Bill Seeks to Remove Some Countries’ Limits for Green Cards

07/16/2019: United States – USCIS International Field Offices No Longer Accept Form I-407

07/16/2019: United States – Supreme Court to Review DACA Termination Cases Next Term

07/01/2019: Japan – New Immigration Services Agency, Stricter Screening Process

06/20/2019: Canada – Quebec Adopts New Skilled Worker Selection Process Bill

06/13/2019: United States – New Process Using FLAG System for Filing Form ETA-9141

06/13/2019: United States - Premium Processing for All FY 2020 H-1B Cap Petitions

06/07/2019: United States – New Screening of Social Media Accounts by State Department

05/29/2019: United States – Immigration Plans on Agencies’ Spring 2019 Agendas

05/29/2019: Ireland – Memorandum of Understanding Codifies Matters Regarding Common Travel Area 

05/24/2019: United States – President Announces Immigration Overhaul Plan 

05/24/2019: European Union – Visa-Free Travel to Schengen Area Post-Brexit

05/21/2019: United Kingdom – Extension of ePassport Gates and Abolition of Landing Cards

05/15/2019: Greece – New Rules on Investors in Greece Securing Residence Permits

05/14/2019: Ireland – Abolition of Re-entry Visa System

05/10/2019: Malaysia – Various Immigration Updates 

04/23/2019: Greece - Immigration Measures for U.K. Nationals and Family Members

04/18/2019: Italy – 2019 Quotas for Issuing Work and Residence Permits

04/12/2019: Ireland – Statutory Changes to the Employment Permits Regime

04/11/2019: United States – FY 2020 H-1B Regular Cap Met; Premium Processing Begins

04/10/2019: Italy – More Immigration Measures for U.K. Nationals and Non-EU Family Members

04/09/2019: Germany – Updates on Rules for a No-Deal Brexit 

04/09/2019: United Kingdom – Update on Post-Brexit “Right to Work” Checks

04/05/2019: Switzerland – Update on Brexit Withdrawal Policy for U.K. Citizens

04/05/2019: United States – Hurdles for Canadians Filing L-1 Petitions at U.S. Ports of Entry

04/03/2019: Belgium – New Minimum Salary Criteria for 2019 

04/01/2019: Ireland – Impact of Brexit on “The Common Travel Area”  

03/29/2019: Czech Republic – Plans to “Regularize” U.K., Czech Nationals if “No-Deal” Brexit

03/29/2019: Lithuania – Provisions Planned for U.K. Nationals in Case of “No-Deal” Brexit 

03/28/2019: Denmark – Law Passes on Status and Rights of U.K. Nationals if “No-Deal” Brexit 

03/28/2019: Netherlands – Update on Brexit Withdrawal Rules for U.K. Citizens’ and Family Members

03/26/2019: United Kingdom – Statement of Changes to Tiers 1 & 2, EU Settlement Scheme

03/26/2019: Italy – Government Takes Steps to Deal with Post-Brexit Status of U.K. Nationals

03/22/2019: United States – Starting 2021, New Travel Requirements for Americans Visiting Europe 

03/20/2019: United States – Notice Obligations for H-1B Employers Regarding Labor Condition Applications

03/20/2019: United States – Premium Processing Resumes for All H-1B Petitions

03/18/2019: European Union – Social Security Contingency Measures if No-Deal Brexit 

03/15/2019: Finland – U.K. Nationals’ Right of Residence if No-Deal Brexit 

03/14/2019: Spain – Measures Enacted Assuring Rights, Status in Case of No-Deal Brexit  

03/13/2019: United States – Proposed Rule Ending Work Authorization for H-4 Visa Holders

03/12/2019: Ireland – Working Made Easier for Foreign Spouses of Certain Permit Holders

03/07/2019: India – e-Visa Regime Liberalised

02/28/2019: Colombia – Tax Reform with Measures Impacting Individuals

02/28/2019: Austria – National Assembly Passes Law Concerning U.K. Nationals if No-Deal Brexit

02/21/2019: United States – Premium Processing Resumes for Some 2018 H-1B Petitions

02/20/2019: United States – Revised Form to Apply for Extension/Change of Nonimmigrant Status

02/19/2019: Singapore – Budget 2019 Contains Measures on NOR Status, Income Tax Rebate

02/13/2019: Malaysia – Various Immigration Administrative and Application Updates

02/12/2019: France – New Action by Government to Define Rules if No-Deal Brexit

02/08/2019: United States – Premium Processing Resumes for FY 2019 H-1B Cap Petitions

02/01/2019: United States – DHS Finalizes H-1B Cap Regulation

01/31/2019: Denmark – Government Makes Preparations for “No Deal” Brexit

01/28/2019: France – Government Plans Steps in Case of No-Deal Brexit 

01/24/2019: Australia - ATO Data Matching for Temporary Visa Compliance

01/17/2019: Germany – If U.K. Exits EU with No Deal, New Rules at Ready 

01/11/2015: United States – Employment Eligibility Verification Temporarily Suspended

01/11/2019: Netherlands – Post-Brexit Transitional Rules for U.K. Citizens’ Right of Residence

01/07/2019: Netherlands – Changes to Income Requirement for Foreign Workers, Lower Legal Fees



12/21/2018: United States – Potential Immigration-Related Impact of Government Shut-down

12/20/2018: United Kingdom – Government Releases White Paper on Post-Brexit Immigration

12/19/2018: United Kingdom – Online Right-to-Work Checking Service

12/14/2018: India – Immigration Changes in 2018: Taking Stock and Looking Forward

12/14/2018: United Kingdom – Statement of Changes for Tiers, 2, 4, and 5, and Seasonal Workers 

12/13/2018: Italy - 2018 Amendments Make Italian Citizenship More Difficult to Obtain

12/11/2018: United States – New Form ETA-9035, Labor Condition Application, in Effect 

12/11/2018: United States – Administration Proposes Changes to Selection System for H-1B Visas

12/10/2018: Ireland – Expansion of Online Passport Renewal Service

12/07/2018: United Kingdom – Reduced Rights for EU Citizens if ‘No Deal’ Brexit

12/05/2018: Romania – Easier Requirements for Third-Country Nationals When Locally Employed in Romania


11/29/2018: Ireland – Increase in National Minimum Wage

11/29/2018: United States - USCIS to Allow Advance Parole Applications for International Travel

11/15/2018: United States – Immigration, Labor Authorities Release Fall 2018 Regulatory Agendas

11/08/2018: European Union - European Passenger Registration System (ETIAS) Operational in 2021


10/29/2018: Ireland – Special Scheme for Some Non-EEA Nationals to Reside

10/22/2018: Hong Kong – Visas for Same-Sex Dependants, Civil Partnerships/Unions

10/19/2018: United Kingdom – EU Settlement Scheme and Other Announced Immigration Changes


10/04/2018: United Kingdom – What Does Travel to EU Mean if “No Deal” Brexit?

09/28/2018: France – New Rules on Seconding Employees and Stricter Anti-Fraud Provisions

09/27/2018: Thailand – Revisions to Decree “Managing the Work of Aliens”

09/18/2018: United Kingdom – Migration Advisory Committee Releases Final Report on Immigration

09/11/2018: Finland – New Residence Permit Categories Introduced; Changes in Current Permit Processes

09/11/2018: People’s Republic of China – Changes for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau Residents 


08/31/2018: United States - USCIS Extends & Expands H-1B Premium Processing Suspension

08/28/2018: Ireland – Changes to Re-Entry Visa Process

08/16/2018: Canada – Biometrics Expansion Project

08/03/2018: United States – Updated Policy on Requests for Evidence, Notices of Intent to Deny

08/02/2018: United States – USCIS Issues New Policy on Notices to Appear (NTAs)


07/17/2018: United Kingdom – White Paper Takes Further Steps to Clarify Post-Brexit Relationship

07/10/2018: Australia - New Financial Year Update


06/29/2018: United States – SCOTUS Upholds Latest Travel Ban

06/22/2018: United Kingdom – Government Announces Details on Brexit EU Settlement Scheme

06/15/2018: United Kingdom – Changes to Immigration Rules in Multiple Areas 

06/12/2018: Germany – Increased Scrutiny from Authorities for Granting of Labor Market Access

06/06/2018: Kenya – New Procedures for Verification and Registration of Foreign Nationals

06/01/2018: Canada – Measures for Cross-Border Travelers in Bill C-21


05/30/2018: Italy – New Policy on 2018 Permit to Stay for Family Reasons

05/11/2018: United Kingdom – I “Find a Job” Replaces Universal Jobmatch for Tier 2 Advertising


04/27/2018: India – Visa Guidelines Updated

04/26/2018: United States – SCOTUS Hears Oral Arguments Regarding Latest Travel Ban

04/17/2018: United States – USCIS Completes H-1B Cap Lottery Processing

04/10/2018: United States - State Department Seeking Visa Applicant Disclosure of Social Media History

04/06/2018: United Kingdom – Work Restrictions for Croatian Nationals to Expire in June

04/05/2018: Singapore – More Employers Must Advertise on Jobs Bank, Higher S Pass Qualifying Salary

04/05/2018: United States – USCIS Suspends Premium Processing for H-1B Cap-Subject Filings

04/04/2018: Australia – New Global Talent Scheme Pilot Announced 


03/29/2018: United States - Joint Agency Pilot for Canadian Citizens Seeking L-1 Non-Immigrant Status

03/23/2018: Australia – Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Program in Effect

03/19/2018: United Kingdom – Government Announces Changes to Immigration Fees from 6 April

03/13/2018: United Kingdom – New Applications Forms for Applicants from Outside U.K.

03/09/2018: India - FRRO Registration, Visa Extension, Conversion, Go Digital

03/06/2018: United States – Policy Change for H1-B Petitions Involving Third-Party Placement 


02/28/2018: France – Stricter Provisions to Combat Fraud Tied to Foreign Workers in France

02/27/2018: Canada – Update on U.S. and Canadian Immigration, Invitation to Seminar/Webinar

02/26/2018: United States - Updated USCIS Guidance on Signature Requirements, Power of Attorney

02/22/2018: United Kingdom – Immigration Health Surcharge to Double

02/16/2018: Thailand – “Smart Visa” Debuts, Opportunities for Executives, Investors, Entrepreneurs

02/12/2018: Italy – 2018 Quota in Force for Issuance of Work and Residence Permits


01/23/2018: United States – Government Shuts Down, Then Reopens: Impact on Immigration

01/18/2018: United States – Update on Extensions for  H-1B Holders, Working Spouses

01/17/2018: United States – Escalated Searches of Electronic Devices Continues

01/11/2018: Thailand – “Smart Visa” Designed to Attract Highly-Skilled Professionals



12/21/2017: Ireland - Phase 1 of Negotiations on U.K.’s Exit from EU Finalised

12/13/2017: United Kingdom – Government Communicates Changes Planned for Immigration Rules

12/13/2017: United Kingdom – Update on Agreement between U.K. and EU in Brexit Deal

12/08/2017: United States – Supreme Court Allows Travel Ban to Proceed, Litigation Continues

12/06/2017: Netherlands – New Salary Criterion for Highly-Skilled Migrants 


11/22/2017: Singapore – New Questions Added to Employment Pass Application

11/21/2017: Singapore - Qualifying Salary Criteria for Dependant Privileges Raised from 1 January 2018

11/20/2017: Chile – New Visa Procedures for Professionals and Investors in Technology Sector

11/14/2017: United States – U.S. Missions in Turkey Resume Non-Immigrant Visa Processing

11/03/2017: United States – Revised Policy on Burden of Proof and Nonimmigrant Extension Petitions


10/31/2017: Belgium – New Salary Criteria for 2018

10/25/2017: United States – Federal Courts Block President Trump’s Third Travel Ban

10/13/2017: United States – U.S. Missions in Turkey Cease Non-Immigrant Visa Processing 

10/06/2017: Canada – New Obligations, Processes with Labour Market Impact Assessment

10/04/2017: United States – Premium Processing Resumes for All H-1B Petitions


09/29/2017: United States – New Version of Travel Ban Announced by President Trump

09/25/2017: Finland – When Posting Workers, Notify Occupational Safety and Health Authority

09/22/2017: United States – New Employment Eligibility Verification I-9 Form Now Effective

09/19/2017: United States – “In Person” Interviews Expanded for Employment-Based AOS Applicants

09/13/2017: United States – Impact on Employers of Government’s Ending of DACA


08/31/2017: Germany – Shedding More Light on the Non-Visa National Privilege 

08/24/2017: Australia – Immigration Policy Updates on Employer-Sponsored Visa Reforms


07/24/2017: Thailand – New Decree Tightens Rules on Hiring, Employing Foreign Nationals

07/20/2017: United States – Supreme Court Allows Grandparents, Others, as Close Family Members 

07/17/2017: United States – Court in Hawaii Alters Travel Ban, Expands Close Family Members


06/30/2017: United States – Guidance Now for Implementing Court-Ordered Parts of Travel Ban

06/29/2017: Brazil – Government Suspends Issuance of Passports

06/28/2017: United Kingdom – Government Publishes Opening Position on Future Status of EU Migrants

06/27/2017: United States – Supreme Court Amends Temporary Injunction of President’s Travel Ban

06/23/2017: Canada – June 27 Webinar on Employer Experiences with Global Skills Strategy

06/16/2017: Malaysia – Expatriate Services Division Makes Several Updates via MYXpats

06/13/2017: United States – President’s Travel Ban Blocked Again by Federal Appeals Court

06/02/2017: Brazil – New Migration Law Ushers in Significant Reforms

06/02/2017: United States – Federal Appeals Court Upholds Block on Trump’s Travel Ban

06/02/2017: People’s Republic of China – Updates on Z-Visas and Travelers’ Biometric Data


05/25/2017: Switzerland – Immigration Rights for Romanians, Bulgarians; Social Security for Croatians

05/18/2017: India – Detailed Guidelines Issued on New “Intern Visa”

05/12/2017: Australia – 2017-18 Budget’s Visa-Related Measures, New Costs for Employers 

05/11/2017: Australia – Key Things Employers and Expatriates Should Know About 2017 Budget

05/05/2017: Canada – May 11 Webinar to Discuss Recent U.S. and Canadian Immigration Initiatives

05/04/2017: European Union – Special Report: Status of Intra-Company Transfer Directive

05/02/2017: Belgium – For Long-Term Residency Rights, Need to Demonstrate Integration Efforts


04/27/2017: Australia – Highlights of Key 457 Visa Changes and New TSS Visa

04/25/2017: Australia – 457 Visa to Be Replaced March 2018, Other Immigration Changes Now

04/24/2017: Chile – New Visa for Professionals and Investors Involved in Technology Sector

04/19/2017: Ireland – Consolidation and Important Changes for Employment Permits Regulations

04/18/2017: United States – H-1B Cap Random Selection Process for FY2018 Is Complete

04/10/2017: Nigeria – Immigration Regulations in Force, Implementing Considerable Changes

04/06/2017: United Kingdom – 6 April Means Important Changes to Immigration Rules

04/05/2017: Italy – 2017 Quota in Force for Issuance of Work and Residence Permits


03/31/2017: Ireland – Article 50 Triggered, Impact on Ireland-U.K. Immigration

03/16/2017: United States – Judge in Hawaii Blocks Entry into Force of New Travel Ban

03/07/2017: United States – Updated Travel Ban for Nationals Noted in New Executive Order

03/06/2017: United States – Temporary Suspension of Premium Processing for All H-1B Petitions


02/24/2017: Belgium – Higher Charges Coming in March for Certain D Visas

02/22/2017: Austria – New Rules on Minimum Wage, Work-Time, Record-Keeping for Assignments

02/17/2017: People’s Republic of China – New Rules for Foreign Graduates to Get Work Permit

02/17/2017: United Kingdom – Changes to Immigration Rules Happening on 6 April 2017

02/15/2016: Italy – New Statute Governing Intra-Company Transfers

02/10/2017: United States – Travel Ban Suspension Upheld by Federal Court of Appeals

02/10/2017: Hungary – EU Posting Worker Rules Bring Employer Obligations under Hungarian Law

02/07/2017: Belgium – Modifications to Processing of Family Members’ Visas, Residence Permits

02/06/2017: Ireland – Raising the Bar, Squeezing Options for Immigrant Investor Programme

02/06/2017: United States – Judge Stays Travel Ban, Trump Administration Acts to Defend in Court

02/03/2017: Malaysia – Updates on Professional Visit Pass and Employment Pass

02/03/2017: Germany – Draft Law on Implementing EU’s ICT Directive

02/03/2017: India – Deadline Changed to June for Conversion of PIO Cards to OCI Cards 


01/31/2017: United States – Travel Ban and Suspension of Visa Issuance for Seven Countries

01/24/2017: United States – Changes Introduced for Employment Authorization Documents

01/24/2017: United States – Details on Rules for Employment Authorizations in Compelling Circumstances 

01/12/2017: Germany – New Salary Criteria in Effect from 1 January 2017

01/10/2017: United Kingdom – Government Says Criminal Record Certificates Needed for Select Jobs

01/10/2017: Denmark – EU Rules on Posting of Workers Implemented 

01/06/2017: United States – USCIS Final Rule Contains Significant Changes for “AC21” Provisions

01/03/2017: Italy – Update on New EU Rules Regarding Posting of Workers

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