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Indirect Tax

Indirect Tax

Understand, optimise and automate your indirect taxes.

Understand, optimise and automate your indirect taxes.

Many countries have increased their reliance on indirect taxes as a source of revenue. These taxes – which can include VAT, customs and excise duties, insurance premium taxes and environmental taxes – affect businesses greatly. Unfortunately, they are often misunderstood. Legislation and case law, for example, have become more complex, making it harder for global businesses to comply with their indirect tax obligations, both in the UK and overseas.

Business processes are also becoming more automated, with technology playing a much greater role in the management of indirect taxes. Getting these processes right is an important step, but finding the technologies to best fit your business requirements can be a challenge.

At KPMG, we have the systems and tools for this and a wealth of knowledge about indirect taxes.

We’ll help you meet your VAT compliance and administrative obligations while improving your VAT cash flow.

For a better understanding of complex tax legislation, new ways to manage your indirect taxes and more efficient processes, contact us today.

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