What happens when you connect your business to accelerate growth?

When you align every aspect of your organisation with KPMG Connected Enterprise, you can double the impact. Take a look at our Going Digital, Faster report and discover what that could mean for you.

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KPMG Connected Enterprise is our digital transformation approach.

It’s industry-specific, and customer-centric. It aligns every critical process, function, and relationship of your business to meet customer expectations, create business value and drive sustainable growth in a digital world.

Make the connection and future proof your business.


of business leaders have accelerated their digital transformation programmes since the pandemic*.

* Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of KPMG, July 2020

Find out how to double the impact with KPMG Connected Enterprise

Eight capabilities, for twice the impact

Eight capabilities, for twice the impact

The most successful organisations invest in eight capabilities which span all areas of the customer experience. This ensures a connected organisation that goes beyond cross-channel interactions. Those that invest in all eight capabilities are twice as likely to meet customer expectations, achieve objectives and deliver return on investment.

2x impact

Insight-driven strategies and action

Better insights help you better understand customer needs, develop customised solutions and create seamless experiences.

Nick Whitfeld
Partner, Data and Analytics

Paul Henninger
Partner, Head of Lighthouse

Innovative products and services

The need for fresh thinking and ideas doesn’t stop, and it’s the only way to meet your customers’ growing expectations and help them achieve success.

Penny McLoughlin
Director, Ignition Services

Chloe Burton
Ignition Architect

Experience-centricity by design

Today’s customers want personalised, connected experiences. And that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Tim Knight
Partner, Customer Advisory

Seamless interaction and commerce

KPMG Connected Enterprise helps organisations across sales, marketing and service to drive business smoothly.

Hugh O’Reilly
Associate Partner, Financial Services, Customer

Clotilde Chohan
Director, Customer Transformation

Responsive operations and supply chain

The beating heart of your organisation, deliver on the customer promise via responsive operations and supply chain.

Maureen O’Shea
Partner, Operational Transformation and Supply Chain

Kirk Hull
Director, Operations and Supply Chain

Aligned and empowered workforce

Every business needs to build engaging employee experiences, working with them to deliver on your customer promise today and in the future.

Mark Williamson
Partner, People Consulting

Louise Scott-Worrall
Partner, Learning

Digitally-enabled technology architecture

Architect and engineer smart digital services, technology and platforms in a cost-effective, scalable manner.

Iain Fox
Partner, Microsoft Business Solutions

Phil Crozier
Partner, Connected Technology

Integrated partner and alliance ecosystem

No organisation does it all themselves. Building successful alliances can help your organisation deliver a competitive edge and extend your business growth into new markets.

Adrian Clamp
Partner, Head of Digital Transformation

Danny Le Jehan
Partner, Head of Alliances


What if you could rebuild your enterprise around the customer and create a borderless, digitally-enabled organisation?

KPMG Connected Enterprise is designed to enable your organisation to thrive, drive measurable growth and empower employees.


What if you were able to deliver solutions which connected the organisation, powered critical functions and built stakeholder trust?

KPMG Connected Enterprise does just that, joining up functional silos end-to-end.


What if you could align your business and tech strategies, while modernising your business and cutting costs?

KPMG Connected Enterprise empowers organisations to manage data insights while driving change – a change built around the latest technology, designed, developed and delivered for value.

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Three reports you must read

Shaping the future

What does the future hold for your business,
your industry and your role?

Industry and function insights

The future of your industry

There may be similarities between different industries, but each has its own unique set of challenges to solve. That’s why KPMG firms have a strategic vision for the future of each sector. Our insights reveal what this could mean for you.

Future of...

The future of your function

In today’s dynamic and turbulent world, every function of the modern enterprise is being expected to dramatically change the way it operates. With our insights to guide you, KPMG professionals can help you reshape the role your team plays and the value it can add to your business.

Future of...

Enabling digital transformation

We look at digital transformation through an industry and customer lens. Our aim is to deliver change across your whole enterprise. That means aligning the front, middle and back offices. And by doing that, we help you deliver efficiency, agility and profitable growth.

We give you access to a set of solutions, frameworks and accelerators. They’re designed to support continuing innovation. And they help you sustain high performance in a fast-moving digital world.

Click on the rings below to find out more about our solutions:

  • Future-forward Insights

    Future-forward Insights

    Read our thought-leading views on disruption, digital transformation and how business leaders should respond.

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  • Connected.


    Rebuild your business around your customers to create a borderless organization, where people, data and technology interact for new levels of productivity and value creation.

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  • Powered.


    Harness the latest technologies, leading business practices and tested solutions for a smarter, faster path to nimble, scalable business functions and the right operating model.

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  • Trusted.


    Embed a balanced approach to risk and regulation into your transformation journey, securing the stakeholder confidence that enables responsible growth, bold innovation and high performance.

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  • Value-driven performance

    Value-driven performance

    Find out how a value-driven enterprise can build a sustainable future that drives growth in a digital world.

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