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Globally, a New Customer is emerging. One who looks and behaves very differently. They are digitally savvy, have changed values and are demanding that brands put integrity and purpose before profit.

In this new reality, brands will be expected to make a clear contribution to the environmental, social and governance agenda, with customers asking “what good does your brand bring to the world?”.

These trends will continue to influence customer decisions about where and how they purchase from your business.

Creating competitive and sustainable brand advantage with your customer, brand and product strategy will mean you need to take stock and reflect on what your business stands for.

To drive business performance, your business will need to examine its purpose in the world and how it can impact the society in a positive way. 

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How we can help

Brand strategy

We help you define and shape your brand, to engage customers, people, community and shareholders aligned to your business strategy.

Using our ‘outside in’ (customer-centred) and ‘inside out’ (enterprise-centred) approach, our frameworks help you position brand purpose at the core of your corporate identity.

Deep insight and data and analytics help to identify the gap between where your brand and business are today and where they need to be tomorrow. It also builds in metrics for continual improvement.

Such seismic shifts require deep engagement with all stakeholders. We work with you to help embed your strategy in to your culture and across business units. From operations and supply chain, to marketing and sales, it can be realised across the organisation. 

Creating your brand strategy starts with getting the basics right

  • Brand audit - We help you comprehensively evaluate your brand and its performance. From current perception and how its experienced across stakeholder groups, to the brand’s history, story, personality, values and position in market; we work on all these aspects. We help you ascertain how well your brand is working for you and analyse customer data, alongside conducting competitor research. We also review your brand’s performance across marketing, sales and service to gain a full picture of its health.
  • Brand architecture - Brands come in several formats. Whether you manage brand networks to corporate brands, product brands to master brands, or managing new ones as part of a merger and acquisition, ensuring you minimise the complexity of them for customers is key. We help you assess the performance and potential value lifespan of your brand or sub-brands. This helps us provide clear recommendations and strategies that can simplify, rationalise or streamline portfolios to achieve optimum alignment.
  • Brand messaging- At its core, your messaging should be an expression of your brand strategy and purpose. It should connect with your customers and audiences in a consistent and memorable way. Dedicated to supporting the growth of your business, we help you elevate your brand and stories through targeted messaging. We help drive innovation and creativity that can be integrated across your channels and embedded into your marketing and sales strategies.

Customer segmentation

We take a holistic approach to creating audience segments that goes beyond just identifying the characteristics and attributes that define and shape your most loyal and profitable customers.

Starting ‘with the end in mind’ we ensure your segments can be directly applied to marketing activation and customer engagement, linking them across your whole enterprise.

Focused on a needs-first approach, we use existing segmentation, research and analytics to help you understand your New Customer. We also connect live data sources and machine learning techniques so that they can continue to evolve. This ensures long-term relevancy.

Brand valuator

To guide any brand strategy, you need to fully understand the financial value and strength of your brand, how it has changed over time, and how it compares to your competition.

Using our behavioural-science led approach, we measure the exact strength of your brand and assess its profile. We track its performance both historically and against competitors, to identify your brand position in market.

This delivers multiple benefits for your organisation’s lifecycle. From defining your strategic positioning and marketing, helping value merger and acquisition opportunities, to auditing return on investment, we can help improve the customer experience.

Product strategy

We help you align your product strategy to your brand strategy, so you can continue meeting the needs of your customers. We look across all the product dimensions to help you create portfolios that align to your environmental, social and governance agendas, and help lead you to sustainable financial improvement. From cost improvements that positively impact your bottom line, to pricing strategies that can provide competitive advantage enhancing brand value, we do it all.

Customer, brand and product strategy insights

Contact our customer strategy expert

Bringing over twenty years international experience working in creative, media and marketing roles, mostly in agency and advisory contexts and almost exclusively with a remit to optimize the commercial impact of a client’s brand and marketing assets and investments. 

With a grounding in banking and pure-play strategy consultancy, Joanna brings a strong commercial lens to the table, a discipline has created competitive advantage for her clients across her career through delivering data-driven brand strategy, proposition and portfolio optimization, marketing efficiency models and customer experience design. As a functional specialist she takes great pride in the breadth of sectors she works across, enabling clients to benefit from tangential learnings but has developed specific sector expertise in the consumer packaged goods (CPG), retail, professional services and financial services (FS) spaces. Jo also brings extensive international experience, having lived and worked for over ten years in Asia and been educated across the UK and Switzerland (Oxford and IMD). Her understanding of and experience in global firms and cultures, particularly around the field of marketing and brand management, is much respected.