The rules of competition have changed. Almost every major organisation is looking out at a new reality and a New Customer.

The New Customer has less to spend, is increasingly digital and displays unfamiliar patterns of demand. More profoundly, we are seeing longer-term shifts in their values, beliefs and needs.

For companies to succeed in this new reality, they will need to understand the economic and social impact that is shaping their New Customer and be open to reinvent, innovate and transform their organisation and their offer and experiences to compete.

Our team of Customer Consulting specialists can help you to understand these changed customer shifts that are emerging and how your business will need to evolve to deliver a customer-centric experience that is more connected, digital and efficient than ever before.

KPMG Nunwood Excellence Centre

KPMG Nunwood Excellence Centre, an international think tank, helps members turn customer best practices into effective business results. It has over 11 years of ongoing research and signals analysis. It covers 34 global markets and has worked on 3,500 detailed brands and 4 million evaluations. Helping to identify the best practices in customer experience, it provides predictive economics, both in cost and growth.

Find out more on our KPMG Nunwood Excellence Centre.

KPMG Nunwood Six Pillars

For the last 20 years, offers have been synonymous with experience. The KPMG Nunwood Six Pillars of experience excellence have been repeatedly established as the universal set of emotional qualities. They define every outstanding customer experience which can create loyalty and drive growth. More relevant than ever, these pillars are providing businesses with an essential way to navigate the coming change.

Organisations that understand and deliver against The Six Pillars have always showcased enhanced outcomes, quick growth and greater shareholder value.

The Connected Enterprise

To thrive in this new reality, enterprises will need to be more connected, digital and customer-centric than ever before. When you combine the New Customer with the changed workforce, it touches every function not just the front office.

For organisations which are able to navigate these challenges, there exist opportunities to accelerate economic recovery and lock in long-term cost savings. They can also create enormous value, for both shareholders and society.

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