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In this evolving business landscape driven by new industry trends, technology and trade disruption, businesses should review the relevance of their supply chains and business models to remain competitive.

This entails investment in research and development (R&D), fixed asset investments and willingness to evolve and transform business models.

How we can help

Our dedicated tax advisors, with their wealth of experience, have developed efficient tax plans that drive cost savings whilst managing tax risks for clients in the following key industries:

  • Consumer and Retail
  • Industrial Markets, which includes conglomerates & trading companies and engineering & industrial products, etc.
  • Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare
  • Life Sciences, which includes biomedical technologies, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Transportation and logistics, which includes aviation, land, rail and shipping, etc.

Our services

BEPS 2.0

  • Undertaking analysis for BEPS 2.0 and simulation studies for potential tax impact
  • Business Model and Shareholding Structure Tax Efficiency Review / Cross Border Tax Structuring
  • Undertaking analysis on the overall tax efficiency of the Group’s current business model / supply chain and shareholding structure
  • Develop tax efficient holdings structures, taking into consideration the profit repatriation strategies of the Group, with limited BEPS risks

Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Tax Maximiser

  • Undertake capital allowance study to maximize tax depreciation claims
  • Assist in application and claim of Land Intensification Allowance and Investment Allowance
  • Review property valuation with a view to minimize property tax

Grants and Incentives

  • Provide grants and incentives support to help local enterprises internationalize or enter new markets
  • Assist in incentive planning and application for encouraged activities like R&D, headquarters, trading, finance and treasury activities and high value manufacturing

Liaising with the Tax Authorities

  • Tax dispute resolution for complex queries raised by the tax authorities
  • Voluntary disclosure programme application to minimise penalties arising from any errors made in tax filing or non-compliance with the tax regulations

Tax Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) Advisory

  • Vendor and target due diligence, pre- and post-acquisition structuring / streamlining of operations


Singapore Tax Firm of the Year – Asia Tax Awards 2020, International Tax Review
Asia Tax Firm of the Year – Asia Tax Awards 2020, International Tax Review
Asia Tax Innovator of the Year – Asia Tax Awards 2020, International Tax Review