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Infrastructure Advisory Services

Infrastructure Advisory Services

We help you strategize, finance, develop, and execute an effective infrastructure project.

We help you strategize, finance, develop, and execute an effective infrastructure project.

Infrastructure development in Kuwait

Through the Kuwait Vision 2035, the government is seeking to transform Kuwait into a financial, cultural, and institutional leader in the region, enhancing its global position and developing human capital, healthcare, public administration, infrastructure, economy, and living environment.

The series of long-term development plans undertaken by Kuwait from 2010 onwards have supported the implementation of institutional reforms, rapid infrastructure development and the steady growth of the private sector and the non-oil economy.


KPMG's integrated services across the infrastructure lifecycle

Our infrastructure services team offer help with many aspects of development or operation. Working with policy makers, contractors, bidders, investors and lenders, we focus on all areas of the sector to provide the support needed to drive your business objectives forward. By combining valuable global insight and the strength of our international network with hands-on local experience, we can help address the challenges you are facing at any stage of an asset’s life-cycle; from strategy and planning, procurement and financing to construction, operations and hand-back.

  • We develop strategic business cases and feasibility studies to help you understand the underlying economic impacts of a potential scheme.
  • We advise on procurement, capital structuring and funding; underpinned by the necessary regulatory framework and governance structures.
  • We support the public sector in running a fair and transparent procurement process.
  • We help private sector bidders in preparing and pricing for a competitive bid.
  • We ensure project delivery and develop operational models to help day-to-day project management and monitoring, ensuring project delivery is on track – to time and budget. 

In-depth sectorial knowledge

Our experience spans across every major sector, including:

  • Power and utilities
    • Independent power production (IPP) and Independent power and water production projects (IWPP)
    • Renewable energy including PV, CSP and wind energy
    • Water and waste-water projects
    • Solid waste management
  • Transport
    • Airports, rail, metro, ports, roads and bridges
  • Social infrastructure
    • Healthcare – primary, tertiary and specialist hospitals
    • Education – schools, universities and vocational education
  • Telecom
    • Fixed line, mobile and internet
  • Cities
    • New urban developments
    • Smart cities