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Accounting Advisory Services

Accounting Advisory Services

Our professionals can provide support for deal-related accounting challenges

Our professionals can provide support for deal-related accounting challenges

Accounting challenges arise from both developments in underlying accounting requirements and general business activity.

Most ongoing business activity has accounting consequences, but specific issues arise on one-off transactions such as acquisitions, group reorganizations, distributable reserves, restructuring, IPOs and re-financing.

Our team

KPMG’s Accounting Advisory professionals work with our firms' clients to help them achieve compliance, advising on how they might organize their financial reporting processes and helping ensure that accounting operations match the objectives of the business.

KPMG’s Accounting Advisory Services (AAS) is a dedicated team of accounting specialists. Our team helps clients find the appropriate accounting solution quickly. We combine an in-depth knowledge of accounting requirements with practical and commercial experience.

Our AAS team addresses your accounting needs by ensuring that we give you the right answers to the right questions – in the context of reporting objectives, commercial realities and regulatory requirements.

Our Services include:

• Bookkeeping
• Management Reporting
• Cost Accounting
• Litigation Support
• Accounting System Advice
- Design New Charts of Account,
- Outputs and Reports Definition
- Chart of Accounts Mapping
- Data entry
• Physical Stock Take
• Professional Accounting Staff Secondment

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