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Financial Leadership

Financial Leadership

A meaningful fundamental information bases and a target-oriented financial leadership are relevant for a long-term success of healthcare institutions.

Target-oriented financial leadership are relevant for a long-term success.

Swiss healthcare institutions are being subjected to intensifying competition. Creating meaningful fundamental information bases and a target-oriented financial leadership is extremely important for the long-term success of healthcare institutions.

KPMG has been observing and dealing with the current challenges in the Swiss healthcare sector for years already. We look forward to supporting you with certified experts that can help you provide financial leadership and transparency and assist you in positioning your organization in the market successfully.

KPMG’s expertise

Controlling and planning systems: In order to ensure a meaningful information base, you need comprehensive controlling and planning systems. The only way to manage a company is to base your decisions on facts.

Coaching, certification and internal audits for REKOLE®: The Swiss-wide recognized cost accounting standard REKOLE® assures that statements on causes can be made at the level of cost centers and cost units that are comparable, so that they can serve as management and decision-making instrument.

Business plan reviews and modeling: Are you interested in adjusting your service portfolio to meet market developments or in order to restructure strategically? Are you planning a new annex or modifying an existing building? The core element of a successful long-term management is a detailed business plan modeling.

Compensation schemes: As of late, physicians’ salaries are criticized more often. Healthcare providers are facing the challenge of creating a compensation scheme for medical personnel that is fair and effective in a time when there is a shortage of skilled workers.

Audits and accounting standards: Because of our industry expertise in healthcare, we support many different institutions in their audits or in questions regarding accounting standards.


Further information
Businesspläne Modelling und Review (PDF, in German)
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