Healthcare organizations are being confronted with increasing regulations, new tariff structures and rising cost pressure. In order to survive the intensifying competition, healthcare organizations are expected to ensure their long-term productiveness and profitability. To do this, healthcare providers are counting on developing innovative business models, becoming more cost efficient and critically thinking about new delivery and payment systems. Add to this the meteoric development in digitalization, adding a further layer of complexity.

KPMG has already specialized itself in healthcare issues over a longer period. Our advisors are accomplished professionals with in-depth experience and great expertise who understand the healthcare environment and challenges up close and personal. We advise healthcare providers of different sizes (university hospitals, cantonal and regional hospitals) on various topics (somatic disorders, psychiatry, rehabilitation and geriatric care). Our clients also include regulators, such as directors of health services and city health departments.

Our assistance is pragmatic and target-oriented and focuses on the following four areas:


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