Danes value speed in their customer experiences. In 2019, the pillar of Time and Effort has the greatest impact on customer loyalty, with Danish consumers commanding a frictionless experience in their brand interactions.

For some companies, achieving this is problematic; Danish organizations are still learning what it means to deliver CX best practice and not all are convinced by the CX business case. And whilst many companies invest time and money in collecting customer insight, a number are unsure as to how to use this knowledge. Moreover, the gathering of too much insight can leave a negative impression on Danish consumers, making them less trusting of an organization.

In addition, Danes place a great deal of emphasis on ethical and environmental concerns; one of the reasons why the pillar of Integrity is important in driving loyalty, and the most important for driving advocacy. Many customers have high standards in this respect, expecting organizations to take visible action against climate change and ethically source their products.

Danes consider companies that harness cutting-edge technology as ‘the future’. MobilePay is one such example that stands out in this year’s study for its technological innovation. The payment application ranks second in the Danish Customer Experience Excellence research and offers a simple and easy service, whereby a person can use their smartphone to carry out transactions. Continuous investment in strategic collaborations has resulted in many boutiques and companies using MobilePay as a supplement to credit card or cash payment methods. The company performs well in the pillar of Time and Effort, with a money transfer facility that’s described as being as easy as sending a text messaoge. There’s also a function that allows people to share bills among groups, for example when dining with friends.18 One respondent to the research described the services as “one of the best inventions in recent times,” adding that “it is so easy to pay and you never have to have money in your pocket.”

"What is perceived as a unique customer experience today is probably considered the standard tomorrow. Customers’ expectations are shaped by their last best experience and that experience could have been created in another country and industry. As a result, customers’ expectations are formed in a global context outside industry structures. Therefore, a strong, continuous effort is required - and this year’s results indicate that Danish companies have both the will and the ability to take on the challenge."

Kenneth Ipsen
Senior Manager, Financial Services Advisory,
KPMG in Denmark

Other high-ranking organizations are similarly forward-thinking in their approach to CX. For example, Denmark’s second largest airport, Billund Airport, ranks third in 2019 and is notable for the close care and attention it pays in creating a smooth experience for passengers.

Much of this has been achieved through investment in new facilities. For example, the airport is currently developing a new concept known as the Multi-House, due to open in November 2019. Billund has been investing in new terminals and innovative solutions to make the airport more convenient and userfriendly for passengers, with the new space allowing for 1,800 people to pass through each hour. In addition, its King Amlet Lounge grants some passengers the opportunity to take a bath.19

Billund Airport is also notable for its work in the pillar of Integrity, including a key focus on development using environmentally friendly solutions. For instance, the Danish Aviation Association plans to make the country’s aviation completely carbonneutral by the year 2050; an ambition that the airport shares.

“In Billund, we work diligently to achieve this goal,” says Jan Hessellund, the airport’s CEO. “If we do not reach it next year, we will compensate by purchasing quotas until we reach it. We will do whatever it takes. We owe that to many passengers.”20

Denmark’s highest-ranking brand in 2019 is the payment platform BroBizz – a service that allows people to quickly pass through toll booths on the country’s bridges and other locations. It’s a wireless transmitter that’s fitted to a vehicle’s windscreen and a customer can pre-fund their account so that – on approaching a toll booth – they can pass through without waiting, or searching for the correct payment.

Time and Effort, therefore, is a defining pillar for this organization, but BroBizz also epitomizes the pillar of Integrity. For example, when long queues start to form at certain tolls – such as the Store Bælt Bridge – new lanes will be opened to allow everyone to pass through faster, regardless of whether they have a BroBizz device. In doing so, the organization is demonstrating that it acts in the best interests of its customers and that it stands for something more than profit.

It is technological innovation and forward-thinking capabilities, therefore, that set companies like BroBizz, Billund Airport and MobilePay apart from their competitors. Such businesses are putting pressure on other Danish companies to compete.

In short, the Danish customer is clamoring for customer experiences that are innovative, seamless, and executed with Integrity.

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