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Customers are changing, with evolving technology creating more choice than ever. Understanding what motivates customers; the forces behind decision making and customer spending; and the experiences that can make or break customer loyalty and advocacy is the key to achieving growth today and for tomorrow. Read our insights below

The Power of Purpose

Purpose is the organization’s “why”; it sits alongside the “what” – the mission – and the “where” – the vision. It answers the question “why do we exist beyond what we make, do or sell?”

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Products, services and propositions

In a world where a competitive advantage can be replicated in weeks rather than years, and where first mover advantage is often the only way to secure success, speed to market has become a critical success

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Customer interaction management

Every interaction can be broken down to its component parts to assess, infer, anticipate and optimize such interfaces to meet the needs of the individual.

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Customer oriented business models

The era of digital transformation has given rise to a number of established businesses and start-ups that combine digital technologies with unconventional business models, to disrupt

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It’s personal – making the most of zero-party data

Digital marketing advertising spend is on the rise , and it’s increasingly being driven by a desire to offer the most

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Driving economic value through storytelling

It was Walmart’s content and digital strategy gurus Chad Mitchell and Dan Kneeshaw who said, “Great content is great content.

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How partnerships through the supply chain can make – or break – the customer promise

It’s not only product and price that companies must compete on, but customer service as well. In today’s customer led environment, many organizations are seeking competitive advantage

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Making the case for customer obsession

Customer-centricity isn’t just about being customer-focused, it’s about placing customers at the very heart of everything you do.

Organizations that get this right earn the loyalty of their customers and establish long-term relationships with them

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Realigning sales investments to thrive, not just survive

As companies start to address the myriad of short and long-term impacts of COVID-19, sales leaders have a unique opportunity, if not a mandate, to rethink their sales models in preparation for changing business and competitive dynamics during the recovery period

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