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Customer First

KPMG International’s Customer Center of Excellence hosts our Customer First podcast series examining the trends in customer experience and the evolving front office interviewing experts who share their views and insights.

Customer obsession

Our opening Customer First podcast explores customer obsession, the theme of our Customer Experience Excellence Report.

An expert panel includes

  • Julio Hernandez, Global Lead for the Customer Centre of Excellence, KPMG International
  • David Conway, Director, KPMG Nunwood, KPMG in the UK
  • Edgar Molenaars, Partner, KPMG in the Netherlands

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Empowered employees

This episode considers how businesses can drive better customer service through engaged, autonomous teams and reflects on the benefits of aligning customer and employee experience.

An expert panel includes

  • Robert Bolton, Global Lead for the People and Change Centre of Excellence, KPMG International
  • Chloe Burton, Senior Manager, KPMG in the UK
  • Matt Campbell, Managing Director, KPMG in the US

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Future of marketing

This global panel discuss the rapidly shifting consumer marketplace, the rise of marketing tech and how the expectation – and role – of marketing within organizations may change in the coming months and years. With an increasing focus on marketing data measurement, the panel explores the metrics behind brand value. And as the traditionally separate roles of marketing, branding and customer experience continue to converge, they all agree that the need to pull these sources together into one holistic point of view is vital.

Our experts this episode are:

  • Carmen Bekker, Partner, KPMG Australia
  • Jason Galloway, Managing Director, KPMG in the United States
  • Joanna Stringer, Partner, KPMG in the United Kingdom

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Future of sales

In this episode of the Customer First podcast, our experts discuss the impact this disruption has had on the Sales space and how, while the future of the function is somewhat unclear, organizations can place themselves in good stead to weather the turbulence.

Our experts this episode are:

  • Aditya Rath, Partner, KPMG in India
  • Tom Lurtz, Partner, KPMG in Germany
  • Walt Becker, Principal Sales Transformation Lead, KPMG in the United States

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Insight driven engagement

In this episode, we explore the concept of insight driven engagement and how organizations are getting to know their customers at a deep and profound level to help them choreograph motivational experiences.

Today's experts are:

  • Amanda Hicks, Partner, Customer Brand & Marketing Advisory, KPMG Australia and
  • Torsten Fritz, Director, Customer Advisory, KPMG in the United Kingdom.

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