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The Six Pillars

The Six Pillar model was developed to provide a precise and practical definition of the kind of emotional outcome a successful experience needed to deliver. Based on over 3 million detailed customer reviews, The Six Pillars have been validated in 20 markets this year and modeled against the commercial outcomes of retention and recommendation. The Six Pillars are inextricably intertwined and, in combination, provide a powerful mechanism to help organizations understand how well their customer experience is delivered across channels, industries and company types. The leading organizations demonstrate mastery of these pillars and are outstanding at all of them.


Integrity comes from consistent organizational behavior that demonstrates trustworthiness. There are trust-building events where organizations have the need to

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Customer recovery is highly important. Even with the best processes and procedures, things will go wrong. Great companies have a process that puts the customer back

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Customers have expectations about how their needs will be met, and these are increasingly being set by the best brands they have encountered. Great organizations understand that

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Time and Effort

Customers are time-poor and increasingly looking for instant gratification. Removing unnecessary obstacles, impediments and bureaucracy, to enable the customer to achieve their

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Personalization is the most valuable component of most experiences. It involves demonstrating that you understand the customer’s specific circumstances and will adapt the

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Empathy is the emotional capacity to show you understand someone else’s experience. Empathy-creating behaviors are central to establishing a strong relationship and involve

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