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Power & Utilities

Power & Utilities

Establish a modern and resilient infrastructure.

Establish a modern and resilient infrastructure.

Energy suppliers are balancing a competing set of demands from customers, regulators, and employees. Technology is revolutionizing how the industry can meet their various needs, if organizations can find the capital to make the investment.  

Power and utility companies are undergoing a major transformation to keep up with shifting energy needs; KPMG can help.

We have experience implementing emerging technologies, including smart sensors and data analytics capabilities that can drive efficiency and meet customer expectations for service, personalization, and control. 

As power and utility companies define their major infrastructure needs across generation, transmission and distribution—including the addition of more renewable sources—we provide insight into capital resources and deal opportunities to make it happen.

We also help identify vulnerabilities and risk management practices for threats such as cyber attacks and significant weather events.

Power and utility companies are trying to adapt to new operating conditions even as they have to manage shifting regulatory regimes and disparate rules across borders. We help them stay on top of various policies and trends, including greenhouse gas emissions controls, renewable portfolio standards, and recovery costs for green initiatives.

Finally, as the industry looks to transition its employees for the future, we help organizations understand how to better compete for needed talent against other industries, as well as to upskill an aging workforce for new demands.

Our team of more than 700 has deep experience in the sector and across the various disciplines necessary to help power and utilities reinvent themselves for the future. We look forward to meeting the specific needs of your organization. 

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