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Data-driven decision-making

Cyber Risk Insights is a scenario-driven approach to more accurately assess the likelihood and impact of cyber-attacks. It will help you express cyber risk quantitatively, make investment cases to the board, and determine optimal investment portfolios

Why choose Cyber Risk Insights?

Expertise at your fingertips

Over half a decade of our best cyber risk modelling and quantification capability in a single one-stop shop solution.

Easy to use

CRI guides you through every assessment step in cyber risk quantification. It also automatically produces easy to read dashboards to aid your decision-making processes and forums.

Run simulations

Get the most out of your cyber risk management software by exploring how potential investments might play out by running simulations.

Optimise investments

Determine optimal investment portfolios of cyber capabilities, in order to achieve the best ‘bang for buck’ cyber risk reduction.

Make business cases

Communicate cyber risk to senior stakeholders, demonstrate the business benefits of cyber capabilities, and make compelling investment cases.

Market insight


clients have greatly improved their cyber risk management with CRI.


Teams of experts behind CRI.


Cyber risk scenario models available for immediate use.

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This is great – I want the world to see this. This is quantitative risk that anyone can do.

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