Changes in technology and competitive advantage have placed increased demands on how we build, test and deliver systems to our clients. We believe successful business outcomes are either constrained or accelerated by your approach to testing and quality management. Better insights on quality require rapid identification of coverage gaps and investment opportunities through testing SMART, testing OFTEN, and testing LESS to:

           Accelerate Value Realisation

  • Align business/product strategy and test approach
  • Collaborate across technical practices and increase automation across the entire pipeline
  • Rapid feedback on product reliability and business risk

    Manage Technology Risk

  • Focus on systemic risk, aligned to market challenges and changes
  • Gain insights on coverage to protect against fragility built by over-testing
  • Deliver multi-dimensional test approach beyond functional validation 

    Enable Technology Transformation

  • Use operational intelligence to determine governance gaps and redundancies
  •  Identify opportunities for investment and alignment to market
  •  Deliver fact-based assessments of delivery capabilities and efficiency gains


KPMG employs 16,000 people in 22 offices across the UK and we are part of a global network operating in 155 countries around the world.

KPMG’s dedicated Quality Engineering testing practice delivers innovative software testing solutions that enable our clients to achieve rapid business change with reduced delivery risk. Our unique mix of testing specialists, industry SMEs and “Powered” automation framework can reduce the cost of change by up to 25%.

To learn more about how KPMG’s Software Testing team can help your business, take a look below.

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